Conversation overheard between Bigmac (BM) and Kid’s Meal (KM).

BM: KM, why are u writing the minutes all in first person?  U know, as in, why do you write, "ABC says: ‘I will do this’", and "DEF says: ‘I will check on this…’", etc.  Shouldn’t the minutes be in third person?

KM: Oh… I did that because it is easier to write.

BM: What do you mean easier to write?  You just need to take down the important points right?

KM: Yah… but the meeting was in dialogue, so easier to write this way.

DUH!??!?  If a meeting isn’t in "dialogue", then what would it be in?  Sign language??



If u thought that was bad… wait till u hear what Smarties did…

After completing the renewal of 1 policy, Smarties’ boss told him that the Insured will send the documentation, etc, to their bank themselves, and there was no need to send the original policy document to the bank.

However, Smarties still sends a soft copy of the policy doc to the bank!  Exasperated, Smarties’ boss questioned, "Didn’t I tell u not to send the originals to the bank??".

Smarties replied, "Yah.  U said don’t send the original mah.  So I sent via email lor".

At this, Smarties’ boss said, "Smarties!  I want to strangle u!!!".

And Smarties (in my opinion, rather rude) reply was, "Oh shit!  Oh shit!  Oh shit!".

I mean… is that something u would say to your boss after u make a stupid booboo?

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February 2008