To Change or Not to Change?

Zounds managed to contact his friend who had his wedding at Hyatt end of last year.  His friend confirmed that he only paid a $4k deposit and there was no 50% pre-dinner instalment nonsense.  Zounds suggests that I call his friend’s coordinator instead.  Darn.  Now I’m not sure if I should:

1) Call the more experienced staff (aka "Hansem") that was supervising Brilliance and ask him to take over because I do not wish to deal with people who blind me with their stupidity, or

2) Call the other coordinator that served Zound’s friend.

The plus point about contacting Hansem is that he was copied in on our email exchange with Brilliance and thus should be aware of what has been promised to us.

The downside is – what if he was the sly one pulling the strings and getting Brilliance to squeeze Iceman and I into committing to a lousy package?

How how how?

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  1. 1 uptowngal

    In the end, I called a highly recommended coordinator from the Singaporebrides forum, Mandy, and asked if she could assist us instead. She said no problem. The 50% “progressive payment” is something new that Hyatt’s management just introduced. She said hotels like the Ritz Carlton and Conrad (I think she said Conrad) also doing it. But I told her that the Ritz is like another class all together! I mean, I would think Hyatt would be in a more similar class to Goodwood Park or The Regent and they definitely do not have this practice. Progressive Payment. Gosh! Think selling property ah?

    Mandy said that she will bring the issue up to management to see if they do away with it. Still waiting for her to get back to me on this issue as well as whether she could throw in a helpers’ room for free. Haven’t heard from her. Sigh.

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Brilliance called again to say Hyatt cannot change its “progressive payment” policy. In any case, Iceman & I decided that we didn’t want to work with Brilliance anymore. Will be meeting up with Mandy on Tue to see if we can amend/swop some of the perks offered in the package.

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