Reckless Taxi Driver

Shared a cab back with Azure after dinner just now.  The driver was pretty okie… till we were about to exit ECP at the Bayshore exit.  I’m not sure who pissed who off but the taxi we were in starting picking up speed, while signaling to move to the left-most land.  There was another taxi in the left-most lane and that bugger refused to slow down to let our cab cut in front of him.  Instead, he sped up to close the gap between him and the car in front of him, thus making sure our cabbie had no room to cut in.  Our taxi driver, refusing to go behind the other cab, persisted and accelerated.  Finally, realising he had no chance to cut in, our driver swung out into the middle lane again, overtook a row of cars, and took a very sharp (virtually horizontal maneuver) cut into the left-most lane again, narrowly missing a big truck in front, and going over the raised white lane markings while just making it in time for the exit.

Tsk tsk.  Both Azure and I kept quiet to observe what he was doing.  I wasn’t very pleased… though the driver was a pretty safe driver except for that incident, I thought that one reckless incident was really uncalled for.  Know what I think is the cause for it?  Pride.  That’s what it is.  Clash of 2 taxi drivers’ titan egos, where neither party agreed to give way to the other.

If drivers were willing to be more humble on the roads, maybe there’ll be less accidents.  *Shakes head*.

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October 2008