I succumbed.  Wasn’t going to buy any Majolica products as Booze Queen should be able to get a cheaper price when she visits Japan end of this year.  However, my beige eyeshadow happened to run out so I decided I might as well buy the Majolica beige eyeshadow from the Watsons at Ngee Ann City.

    While I was there however, I was lured by the very friendly and unobtrusive sales staff into trying the liquid eyeliner.  I quite liked the brown shimmery one… and ended up buying that, a brown eyeshadow and the beige eyeshadow!  Sigh.  I was a sucker…

    But I digress… I was tempted to buy the black Majolica liquid liner as well but I’ve never used a liquid liner before so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to control the brush tip (especially when I want to draw a line below my upper eyelashes).  So I stuck to the brown shimmery one which I figured I could use to draw a line above my upper lashes. 

    Very inspired by my new toys (seriously, makeup products are much cheaper toys than handphones and other tech gadgets!), I decided to do a simple smudge test.  I applied moisturiser on my hand, followed by foundation, and then I used 3 different eyeliners on it. 


Here’s a pic with the 3 liners being:

1) Majolica Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

2) Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black

3) MAC Powerpoint Pencil Engraved (black)




    Many reviews have said MAC Powerpoint Pencil Liners are supposed to be really smudge proof… but my oily eyelids have brought about their failure in this aspect.  Anyway, the results showed that:




1) The Majolica liquid liner became lighter after a hard rub but didn’t smudge.

2) The BB Gel Liner smudged

3) The MAC Powerpoint really smudged… but it smudged evenly so I suppose if the intention is to give it a blended effect, this product may be good?


    Heh.  Oh well… that’s the end of my simple ("scientific") test.  Will update soon… after I walk in the melting noon sun to go for lunch.  Now that, is the ultimate eyeliner smudge test.

3 Responses to “Succumbed…”

  1. 1 mag

    I can’t wait to see you put the K-Palette one to the test. 😉

  2. 2 uptowngal

    But it’s hard to find Kate products in Singapore isn’t it? The only place I know is Bugis Junction… if they still have it.

  3. 3 mag

    No, no – K-Palette isn’t under Kate and it can be found at Watsons. Kate can be found at all OG and BHG stores. 😉

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