1st Wedding of the Year

Attended my first wedding of 2009 yesterday.  Here’re some cool pics that Iceman took.  Downloaded the pics from facebook so the resolution’s not very good… but I guess it’ll suffice.  🙂



A homemade wedding cake (that’s a photo taken from the back of the cake).  First time I’ve seen a real wedding cake!  The bride’s aunt made it for her (all 3 layers are edible).  There were also nicely wrapped individual slices of fruit cake for all the guests!  All made by the same aunt… the baking started when the aunt first found out she was getting married (think somewhere in July last year) and to preserve the cakes, brandy was injected to preserve them.  The taste was superb!  The brandy really made it super yummy.  Booze Queen would’ve liked it.  Haha.



The top layer of the cake, taken from the front.  See the 2 hamsters on it?  Haha.  The bride loves hamsters… and Miki, her hamster, was instrumental in the wedding proposal… but that’s a story for another day.  (If I ever get down to it).




It was really stressful throwing away utensils at the wedding dinner though.  Being extremely environmental conscious, the bridal couple got the guests to separate the trash…



Oh yeah, the theme was "ethnic" hence some of us were dressed in ethnic wear.  Yup, that’s my D&D cheongsam.



Zachy the page boy!  He was bubbling with excitement over bubbles blowing from this machine near the reception table.  Hehe.



Doesn’t he look like he’s proposing to the flower gal?  He did tackle her later… literally… 😛



2 of the bridesmaids & me.  In Jukebox’s words, "We are Singapore, we are Singapore…". (multi-racial society you know!)



The 5 girls in ethnic clothes were the bridesmaids.  The maid-of-honour was with the bride.  The girl on the left in teal was wearing a Cambodian national costume, then you have the Peranakan baju kebaya, followed by Jukebox in the middle with a white Malay baju kurong top (actually I can’t tell if it’s a baju kabaya or baju kurong), a girl wearing a yellow Myanmar costume and the last girl in an  Indian sari.



The starving newlyweds tucking in after the guests left.



These flowers decorated all the dinner tables.  They were from Little India… click on the pic to see a larger pic… did you know all the flower buds are knotted individually?  Talk about labour intensive man…

Anyway, it was a great wedding celebration.  Congrats and have fun on your 6-month honeymoon!

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    It’s a kebaya.

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