Casually Speaking…

I got my COE after all.  Heh.  I told the agent all my points about how illogical it was for Tan Chong to bid so low for us, etc… and he spoke to his manager who eventually agreed to give us an Open Category COE at no extra charge.  Yay!  The new Latio Sport should arrive in about 3 weeks. 

Iceman and I chose the colour, “amethyst-grey”.  Indoors, under florescent light, the car looks more purplish.  Under bright sun however, the car appears grey.  Under dimmer sunlight, it’s a cross between grey and brownish-purple?  Heh.  I really can’t describe it.  Will post photos after we get the new car.

Was reading the news online just now and noted that AIG is seeking bids for its life insurance arm, AIA in Asia.  AIG invited buyers to bid for 49% of the shares of AIA but said it will be willing to consider selling everything if the right offer is received.  Sigh.  How sad to see such a big giant crumble. 

This is a classic case of how reputational damage is the worst form of damage a corporation can suffer.  Had clients continued to do business with AIG as before, the company would have recovered in reasonable time.  Unfortunately, when clients began deserting AIG, that’s when the start of the end began.  Ironically , this also means that the very stakeholders that ought to be concerned about AIG, caused it to die a quicker death.  (Ok, it’s not dead yet but if people keep not doing business with it, it will die).

lunchbreak Anyway, while surfing the news, I saw this picture of lunch-goers at Raffles Place (part of the financial district in Singapore).  Gosh.  We Singaporeans really dress very casually.  Compare this with how white-collar workers are dressed in New York or Hong Kong… and you might think this was a photo taken at the neighbourhood centre.

Ok, end of my lunch break.  Gotta rush work again.  Sigh… so tired… been working till 10pm on average for the past 2 weeks.  Got an appointment for eyebrow threading at 6pm today and I don’t want to come back to work after that so I gotta PIAH!!

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