Gown Selection – Finally!

Was checking my desktop calendar yesterday to see what I have on this month when I saw that my wedding gown selection date is next week!  Yippee!  The appointment was made in Dec so in my mind, I kept thinking the gown selection date is “very far away” but no.  It’s next week and I’m quite excited about it.  Realised I’m not very prepared in the sense that I’ve not done what I’m told brides-to-be commonly do – scour through magazines for designs and so on.  Well, I did buy 1 bridal magazine but when I looked at it from cover to cover, I concluded that:

1) like all fashion magazines, it contained too many ads,

2) the designs were ugly,

3) I will kill myself if my stylist gave me the birdnest hairdos seen in the mag. 

Actually no, I will kill the stylist but that’s besides the point.  I more or less know what sort of white gown I want but I’m still undecided about the evening gown.  I initially wanted something that Iceman’s friend wore but it seems to be getting rather common nowadays so maybe I’ll just opt for a simple cheongsum in my favourite light blue (like the colour of my ao dai).

Will try to sneak some photos of the gowns I try on.  Heard from my cousin her bridal studio didn’t allow her to take photos but she snuck in a few shots of course. 

I really hope and pray that we’ll get a good makeup artist and photographer from the bridal studio too!

7 Responses to “Gown Selection – Finally!”

  1. 1 BQ

    light blue again!!!!
    its like your official dress when u attend weddings….
    change colour…

  2. 2 UptownGal

    No what! I got a light pink cheongsum and a black with deep pink flower cheongsum. Not official colour. But my favourite colour is blue. I’m even contemplating having a light blue sash on the white gown.

  3. 3 BQ

    your ao dai is light blue.. take a look @ your photos.. its full of light blue… hahahahaha

  4. 4 k

    ya lor shd go for a brighter colour so you’ll stand out in photos? I’ve seen photos where the bride is in pale pink or a dark gown and she blends into the group photos lor.

    ya your gown selection is next week, and so is my basic theory test!! I haven’t even opened the book yet. *die*

  5. 5 UptownGal

    but i still like light blue! hahahahaha. ok lah. show a bit more cleavage to stand out can? learn from *ahem*. 😛

  6. 6 BQ

    ahem.. there’s two of us.. u sure u will win?!?!? 😛

  7. 7 uptowngal

    fine fine… u win… my fat percentage not as high.

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