Magnetic Mattress & the Lot

*Rolls eyes*.

Received an sms from an ex-colleague from the ISP helpdesk I used to work at.  It said:

“Hi, Desperado here.  I’m mailing out tupperware catalogues.  Can I get your address? :)”.

*Rolls eyes again*.

This explains why, after years of not contacting me, I got an sms from him earlier this year wishing me a belated happy new year and asking how I was.  Call me cynical but I think he was just checking if my hp no. was still valid.

When we were still working at the helpdesk, he used to be into selling magnetic mattress and he used to try very hard to convince us to attend those marketing talks held by his company.

Now that he’s into tupperware sales, he’s trying to get all chummy again.  Crap.  Can’t stand people who only contact you when they’re trying to sell you something.  They’re as bad (if not worse) than insurance agents. 

Bleah.  I’ve never attended any magnetic mattress talk and I’m certainly not going to spam my mail box with tupperware catalogues.

*Ignores sms*.


2 Responses to “Magnetic Mattress & the Lot”

  1. 1 yibi

    Was there someone selling magnetic mattress?
    The same person whom we missed the wedding invitation sms?

  2. 2 uptowngal

    fwah! i didn’t even noe u were reading my blog… and lagi didn’t noe u got blog too! haha. no lah… not referring to the person we missed the wedding sms… referring to the person who tried to give JXXXXX an “anonymous gift”… which ended up with Mr “Pls. Open Your Blouser”…

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