Shattering Stereotypes

My cousin posed me this question earlier.  Her wedding invitation card says:

“On this joyous occasion, our parents, ___ & ___, togther with <groom’s name> & <bride’s name> invite ______”

Her question was, when it comes to cards for our relatives, should she name them as “Mr and Mrs S”, or “Uncle A and Aunty B”?

My first thought was the same as hers, that it is probably be more common/formal to address our relatives as “Mr and Mrs”…. and that is what she did.  This however, bugs me terribly ‘cos this would mean that I will be using my much hated term, “Mrs”.  After chatting with my cousin, I concluded I shall use “Uncle A and Aunty B” ‘cos that gets rid of having to use the term “Mrs”, and saves me the trouble of finding out every aunt/uncle’s surname (with regard to the ones whom I’m related to by marriage and not by blood).

There’s another stereotype that bugs me, and that’s how people tend to assume that the car belongs to the guy.  Now, is a girl not capable enough of driving herself around?  Or does it mean just because the car is used by a couple, the guy will naturally have more say over it? 

I really HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE these stereotypes to the core.  Or just like how some people (usually the older  folks) comment that one is “fortunate” to have a son.  Like WTF man.  I kid you not.  The next time I hear that, I will say to the person, “Your mother not female ah?  If only sons are important, that you ought to go kill yourself ‘cos you would not have existed if not for a female”.

Grr… hate all these gender biasness.  HATE HATE HATE!

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