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Went on a shopping spree just now.  Got cuff links & a tie for Iceman’s groom suit, bought my SKII moisturiser, bought a whitening mask (first time i’m trying it… getting married is making me vainer than usual), bought a Biotherm makeup base for my mom… and got samples (and a free umbrella) from SKII & Biotherm!  Yeah!

My best buy?  A pair of shoes that cost $12.90 from Heatwave.  They should be able to match my evening gown… and ‘cos they’re so cheap, I don’t mind buying another pair if I find something better.  Else, these should work too.  Yippee!

I love shopping sprees.  Wee!



P.S. We’re also looking for a cravet for Iceman’s tux for the wedding… didn’t see any at Robinson’s… or maybe I missed it.  Any idea where has a good selection of cravets?


P.P.S. Searched online and found a shop that rents out cravets.  Heh.

3 Responses to “Shop Shop Shop!”

  1. 1 k

    wah! didn’t i buy the moisturiser for you barely a few mths ago? used up already?!?!

    the shoes look nice!! 🙂

  2. 2 BQ

    shoes’ nice.. all thanks to my good eyesight.. cheap stuff.. cant miss.. haha

  3. 3 UptownGal

    K – moisturiser finishing lor… think each container lasts abt 3 mths. use twice a day leh… on face & neck… not that fast wat.

    BQ – the shoes… 1 of the diamante keeps falling in between the strap & my toe… cuts my toe… need to buy super glue to stick it down. haha. and i really cannot walk fast in it… walk v.v.slowly… hehehehehe.

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