A Simple Instruction

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Forgive my OCDness but I kept getting the niggling feeling that the back of the gown looked different.  So I dug out the photos I took the last time to compare and indeed!  The lace/beading is tacked on differently!  I called the tailor, Ann, to tell her about it but she was at some really noisy place so I’m not sure if she heard me.  I kept emphasizing to follow the way the lace is on the original gown (the green one), i.e., along the edges of the dress and not horizontally across the back.  I’ve been very amiable to whatever the tailor’s done so far.  My only instruction was – follow the original as closely as possible and if she can’t get this right, I’m going to insist she re-sews the lace.  Grr.


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Double checked the front of the gown too… the lace should start from the opposite side of the collar and down one side.  I assume since Ann only tacked on the lace, she’ll add more beading & crystals when she does the final gown… well, she better, ‘cos I’m not letting this go either!  Hmph!  I hate it when people can’t follow instructions.

Sigh… I do wish the gown was as blue as it is in the photos.. instead of being more purple…

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