Outdoor Shoot Preview (v3)

Blame it on my OCD nature but once I decided to touch up the photos, I couldn’t stop till I got them right (or at least as “right” as I could).  So this is the 3rd time I’m reposting the photos.  Realised I used too many “dark edges” effect in version 2 of this post.. so I redid all the photos.  This time, I also correct the contrast, lighting, colour and saturation of the pics, and rendered some lighting effect where I thought might be nice.  Of course, there was the usual cropping to remove the actual photographer’s arm/bag/flash, pillars, etc.

 IMG_1061 IMG_1073   

L: Getting ready

R: Azure testing the borrowed DSLR


 IMG_1102 IMG_1115 IMG_1120

L: Iceman looks like he’s enjoying himself.


 IMG_1124 IMG_1150 

Behind the scenes


IMG_1179 IMG_1176 

L: Doing funny faces while Iceman discusses serious stuff with the photographer.


IMG_1177 (2)

Testing a black & white pic…


 IMG_1220 IMG_1234

R: Horsing around


IMG_1237 IMG_1248 IMG_1267

R: Chatting between shots


 IMG_1348 IMG_1357 IMG_1398

L: Being cheeky while Iceman stares… at the time?


 IMG_1406  IMG_1442

L: Killing ants… the owner of the beetle should thank me.



L: My trusty slippers!  Wouldn’t have survived the day w/o them


 IMG_1467 IMG_1476

L: Hot… humid…


IMG_1525IMG_1542 IMG_1574 

L: Am v.proud of this photo ‘cos the colour was originally kinda bluish/greyish but I managed to correct it.  Yes, yes, no big deal for some but a big deal for my 3rd photoshop attempt.


 IMG_1582 IMG_1587

L: The ah lian pose is actually quite relaxing


IMG_1606  IMG_1628 IMG_1639

L: Our “kelong equivalent” location


IMG_1646 IMG_1645

R: Sigh.  My upper arm is too fat for my lower arm.  🙁


 IMG_1649 IMG_1659

Pseudo-romantic poses


 IMG_1668 IMG_1671


More and bigger photos (w/o the watermark) on Facebook!

8 Responses to “Outdoor Shoot Preview (v3)”

  1. 1 BQ

    think i like the photos posted here better than those on FB.. ehhe

    n all the ‘utg’ logos are blocking your face! heha

  2. 2 UptownGal

    haha… FB hvn’t finish posting yet! Azure took like close to 300 photos!

    i really like the photo in the 2nd last row, extreme right… the blurred bouquet one. so postcard-like!

    anyway, my face blocked also good lah… in case pple down these photos & try to be funny… hahahahaha.

  3. 3 Azure

    so do i have potential to quit my day job and be a professional groupie? heh

    ya I also like the one with the blurred bouquet.. last min inspiration ok! wanted to use iceman as a “mong mong” prop but decided he had enough for the day.. wahaha

  4. 4 Iceman

    hahahahahaha…yes, i was “slighted” when the photographer said, “it’s ok, you will be blurred” and then after that 1 shot told to get lost…

    anyway thanks to Azure for “stalking” us the whole day…don’t think groupies are that hardcore even…

  5. 5 UptownGal

    Azure – u shld master photoshop… then u take the photos & send to Kelvin Koh as ur “resume”… in case u’re not allowed ur no-pay leave. 😛

  6. 6 UptownGal

    Amended the post with touched up photos!

  7. 7 Rachel

    Hi, chanced upon ur website and saw the lovely wedding photos you have! Do you mind telling me the locations of your outdoor shot? Thanks

  8. 8 UptownGal

    Sorry for late reply Rachel. Places are as mentioned by Iceman – Everton Park, Blair Road, Portsdown, Changi Boardwalk and Ann Siang Hill.

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