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aiyah… booze queen and i went to raffles city during lunch and we missed all the drama!  bigmac just recounted his exciting lunch to me.  some woman who used to work for our company came back and got our receptionist to call up everyone she knew in the office.  however, no one was around ‘cos it was lunch.  unluckily for bigmac, he just finished his meeting with a client and so he was at his desk.  this woman called his handphone and then requested that he meet her at the reception area.  unsure of what to expect, bigmac went out to see her.  the first thing he noticed was that she had a bindi on her forehead (she’s chinese).  when the woman saw bigmac, she walked towards him and looked as though she wanted to hug him.  bigmac immediately stuck out his right hand to offer her a handshake instead.

bigmac tried to make small talk with her by asking her how she’s been doing, etc.  the woman told him that she’s now working as "a maid".  bigmac half laughed & said, "you mean you’re a house wife right?".  she then reiterated, "no, a maid".  she also said that she just gave birth 3 months ago and that her baby’s in hospital.  so bigmac asked her, "don’t you need to be at the hospital?".  she replied no and requested that bigmac took her for a walk around the office because she "missed the company".

not wanting to provoke her, bigmac acceded to her request.  while "touring" the office, she made strange comments like, "i recognise this printer.  i think this is the same one i used to use.  i love this printer".

when she walked past people she knew, she went, "i know him" or "i know her".  she also stopped to chat with dLeow and probably repeated everything she told bigmac about being a maid, etc, to dLeow.

after talking to dLeow, the woman stopped by the "korean woman"’s room and asked if the korean recognised her.  when she walked past bouncy’s desk, she said, "i remember bouncy.  she’s quite pretty.  she married KL right?"  she then proceeded to regurgitate bouncy’s personal & job history.  bigmac said it sounded as though she had some personal vendetta against bouncy.  heh.  (note: this woman had already left the company by the time bouncy joined).  this woman also remembers bouncy’s boss – and said that he’s a "dao angmoh" (arrogant caucasian) who snubbed her previously.

when the woman walked past upsize’s room, she suddenly said, “i miss upsize”.  hehehehehehe.

bigmac & the woman then stopped by aSeng’s desk.  aSeng bluntly asked the woman why did she have a bindi on her forehead.  the woman said, "i wore this for N", her Indian ex-boss.  aSeng told her firmly, "N is now married.  his wife loves him very much".  this woman then replied, "i know he’s married.  but he’ll always be my boss".

finally, the tour took bigmac & the woman to where the finance ladies were having their lunch.  they jokingly asked if she was here for an interview and she said, "no.  i’ll never work for the company again".  the woman also told bigmac that her mom gambles a lot now and can’t wait for the IR to open.

anyway, bigmac managed to get away when swan came back from lunch and took the woman to a meeting room to talk.  swan later said that she nearly broke down but swan quickly ended the chat by saying she had a meeting.

her parting words to bigmac was that she doesn’t have enough money to pay for parking ‘cos she drove here… and when bigmac asked her where did she park, she said she doesn’t remember… will “walk around” to find her car…

heh… no bottom line to this story… just something weird to mark the week with.  😛

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  1. 1 BQ

    dleow is so obvious.. shd nicknamed him humsump.. ehaha

    she wasnt like tat last time… life as a maid must be hard….

  2. 2 UptownGal

    eh… both BM & Jazz said she used to be a bit unstable last time… but not as jialat as today lah.

    BM also told me that her husb is some ex-biz devt guy from our co… but all these pple left b4 i joined lor!! hehehehehehe.

  3. 3 BQ

    wow.. our company is sooo exciting before we join!! heahaha

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