The Future of Nokia

Despite having always expounded the merits of Nokia, how it measures up or surpasses the iphone, and even typing this post on my 2-year old Nokia N82, I still have some reservations about its future.

My concern stems from the fact that Nokia still uses the Symbian OS and while it was all the rage in the not too distant past, it has lost much of its lustre to the iphone.

I’m very clear in what I want in my next handphone. It must have a decent camera, a good web browser, java enabled, video call capabilities and able to support apps I expect to use often such as MSN, Twitter, Facebook, blogging tools and so on.

I have a penchant for white phones so the white/blue Nokia X6 with its great features definitely meets my requirements. That said, I’m a tad worried about finding enough apps for it to keep me entertained for the next 1-2 years that I’m likely to be using the phone.

Although this small little part of me feels like buying the iphone as I foresee a future with no lack of applications, I think I’ll still buy the X6.. though I’m prepared that it may be the last Nokia i’m getting.. unless a Symbian revival happens, or Nokia moves to another more popular OS.

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    well.. i think nokia phones is one of the best.. =)

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