I’ve always wondered why people always say kids nowadays are very difficult to teach, that they’re not the same as kids during our parents’ time, etc.  I thought about this many times but could not come to a conclusion as to what the cause might be – is it the type of programmes on TV now propagating wrong social values?  Is it due to things children read on the Internet?  Greater affluence in society? 

I never found an answer but I’m just got an insight into current day parenting which I think may be a potential cause.

I was telling some friends that I didn’t want any children to do any colouring sort of activities during our Christmas gathering because I don’t want stains/marker/crayon lines on our walls. 

Although  a friend of mine, who’s a mother, agreed to dispense with such activities, she commented that there’re washable markers/crayons nowadays.  I have to admit that the idea of using washable markers/crayons never crossed my mind.  Shouldn’t children be taught not to colour on walls, regardless whether the marker/crayon was permanent or not?  After all, if children are allowed to make a mess of the house with the expectancy that their parents will clean up, wouldn’t they grow up thinking they can always make a mess of things because their parents will clean up after them?  Surely this isn’t something we want to instil in the next generation? 

Are we moddle coddling our children too much nowadays?  While we want to allow children to express their creativity freely, I think they also need to learn from young that some actions reap permanent consequences, and mommy and daddy can’t be around all the time to clean up!

I’m starting to understand why my cousin, who has been through Boy’s Home, Reformative Training Centre, and who is now in solitary confinement in prison can commit crimes repeatedly, but yet “expect” his mother to appeal for leniency from their Member of Parliament for his latest incarceration. 

Seriously… spare the rotan, spoil the child.

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