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I think East Coast Town Council sucks. Not sure if anyone else ever had bad experience with them but it seems the $60 I pay every month only gets me lip service from them.

About 3 weeks ago, I reported to them that there was ponding on the window ledge outside my spare bedroom. The problem must’ve gone on for a while cos there was this huge weed/plant growing on the ledge. The root of the plant stretched across half the length of the ledge, causing cracks in the wall, which resulted in water seepage into my bedroom. I spoke to a Mr Mistri who assured me that this could be fixed from the outside of the flat.

Two weeks went by and nothing was done. The water seepage spread from half the wall to the entire length of the wall, following the growth of the root.

I called the town council again and chased Mistri about the repairs. I asked him who was going to compensate me if I needed to get repairs done to my wall! Mistri told me to send in an e-mail if I wanted to pursue the matter.

Not wanting to come down to hard on them, I sent an e-mail to ensure my complaint was lodged in black and white, and raised the possibility of pursuing the matter, though I didn’t ask for compensation yet.

Mistri replied my e-mail and assured me that the repairs will be completed by 12 Dec. Iceman and I happened to be at the flat that day and nothing was done! To make things worse, the water seepage worsened and the plaster was flaking off the wall.

I was furious. I called the East Coast Town Council again and gave them a lashing. Unfortunately, the call was redirected to EMS, the emergency services people, so they suffered the brunt of my anger.

The folks at EMS were good. They called up the contractors and got them to visit the site immediately. They also arranged for repairs to commence on 14 Dec (today). EMS also wrote a report to inform the town council about my complaint.

In addition to their report, I sent a harshly worded e-mail to Mistri and attached a photo of my flaking wall cos I haven’t decided if I should claim damages from the town council – it depends on how bad the final damage is, and if I need to get professional repairs for it.

This morning, I received a call from Mistri. He said he received my e-mail and spoke to the contractor, who advised him that repair works will be carried out today. I told him I’m aware cos EMS arranged for it and they told me about it. I said that they were “responsible in doing their work, unlike his department”. I was pissed off cos he sounded like he wanted to take credit for what someone else did to rectify his negligence and inefficiency!

Anyway, the bloody plant better be gone and the cracks sealed by today. Else, somebody’s gonna get it!

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