More Infringements

Nokia recently filed a complaint with the International Trade Centre in relation to its claim that Apple has infringed its patent.  A summary of Nokia’s complaint is as follows:

  • The navigation wheel in iPods infringes Nokia’s patent from 2001 that patents a very similar technology.
  • iPhone and iPod Touch infringe Nokia’s patent from 2000 where the keys of a virtual keyboard on touch screen become larger when user touches the keyboard.
  • Most of Apple’s products infringe Nokia’s patent from 1998 related to text- and email messages where the phone numbers as well as www and email addresses are highlighted inside of the before mentioned messages. Then, for example, by clicking such highlighted phone number user can make a phone call or save the number in the address book. A click to a www address can open the web browser.
  • iPhone infringes Nokia’s patent from 2003 that describes a technology to shut off the touch screen of the phone during a phone call so that user’s ear or cheek would not cause false presses in the UI
  • Multiple Apple’s products infringe a patent that involes "combining multiple functionality of the camera on the same chip"
  • iPhone infringes Nokia’s patent (that saves space in the device) that "combines the antenna around the speaker". As a bonus a patent around power saving is mentioned.

Sigh.  I think Nokia really need to market themselves better ‘cos most people probably didn’t even realise Nokia owned the above technologies.

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