Partying Bunnies

Haven’t posted anything for one whole week ‘cos I was really busy at work.  Was trying to sort out this deal with an insurer in Bermuda – was working on the policy wording and structure with the underwriter and legal counsel when the latter passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago.  The entire underwriting process was delayed a few days ‘cos of the funeral (it was very shocking for everyone) and then the underwriter that I was negotiating with had to go on business travel.  The deal was thus passed to his boss and the corporate counsel to look after.  We very nearly didn’t manage to close it ‘cos the corporate counsel wasn’t familiar with how certain trade deals are done and he wasn’t comfortable with the enforceability of certain negotiable instruments in the Philippines.  Thank God, after working past mid-night for one week, the deal was finally wrapped up on Mon night.

Anyway, here’re some pics I took of the bunnies in Jan.  They’re so darlings!

03012010046 03012010048

Pinky with his ear held high.  Think he raised his ear when he heard me coming down the stairs and walking into the dining room.  He obediently listened to my instruction to “Keep your ear up!” while i whipped out my hp camera to snap some photos.  Heh.


03012010058 07012010069

Left: Pinky asking Horlicks to sayang him by licking his head.

Right:  Horlicks lazing around.


16012010148 07012010073

Left: Coffee just recently started coming into the house.  He’s still quite timid and will usually dash out if he hears someone come down the stairs into the dining area where he usually takes cover under some chairs.

Right: Coffee – much more comfortable outside.


23012010185 23012010186

Left: Pinky and Horlicks partying in the living room.  Iceman and I were on our way out one day when we found both of them on the coffee table!  Horlicks jumped off before I had the chance to take the photo.  Heh.  Iceman took some flip videos of them… need to download & post.  😛

Right: That’s Horlicks on our side table… she likes to jump on the sofa, hop onto the side table then make her way to the next sofa.


23012010190 23012010187

Pinky checking out my dad’s massage chair.



Pinky & Horlicks – thirsty after all the acrobatics.

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