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Haven’t had the chance to sit down, collect my thoughts, and post a proper blog post for some time.  I’ve gotta admit the last few posts were churned out more due to obligation than inspiration.  Anyhow, just wanted to update everyone that Iceman and I have shifted to our new flat and have more or less settled down.  We had the opportunity to visit Deli Turk’s branch at East Coast last Fri and here’s the stuff we ate.



Humus and freshly baked pita bread (I think it was pita bread – I’m not absolutely sure but it was yummy for sure.  The texture of the bread was light and slightly toasted.  Wasn’t tough or chewy at all).  The humus was ok… not fantastic but the serving was very generous and it was a good starter to have.


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Our main courses. 

Left: Adana Kebap (chicken) – spicy minced chicken meat grilled on a skewer.  Well marinated and very tasty.  Goes great with the rice and slightly sweet onions.  If you love chilli like me, you won’t miss out walloping the grilled chilli that came with it.  Loved this!!

Right: Shish Kebap (lamb) – the meat was reddish on the inside so I didn’t try this (I’m squeamish when it comes to red meat that’s not fully cooked).  Iceman assures me, however, that the lamb was very tender and well flavoured.  No worries about it being pungent at all.  The sides were the same as mine so I assure you they were good.



We had my favourite Kunefe for dessert.  This alone, is worth going back for.  The shreds of pastry flakes baked to a crisp, filled with unsalted mozzarella cheese and served with honey syrup and cream.  Too marvellous for words.

Seeing the well done up interior and elegant setting, I think the East Coast Deli Turk may be the main branch but I didn’t ask.  Turkish music played in the background while we were there and I was pleased that the music was audible but not too loud which made conversation easy.  Whatever the case, this place is worth revisiting! 

For more information, do check out their website at

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