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We got our COE on 24 Feb 2010, paid up the deposit to Cycle & Carriage on 27 Feb, but our Kia Rio is still not here!  The agent keeps telling us that it’s in the process of registration, in the process of affixing the licence plate, in the process of de-waxing, and now in the process of being delivered. 

Gosh!  It’s really taking a little too long isn’t it?  The worst part about it is, Cycle & Carriage had the cheek to say once it’s ready, we must collect it immediately or they’ll charge a certain daily fee for “storing” the car for us.  Where’s the fairness in this?  Are we supposed to keep our schedules free for Cycle & Carriage so we can run down to collect the car at their beck and call, whim and fancy?  Disgusting!



Called the car agent and asked when when can we collect the car.  I made my point clear that even though Cycle & Carriage gives us 3 days to collect the car (before levying the “storage fee”), it doesn’t mean we will be free every weekday night to entertain their request.  We may have work functions to attend to, etc. 

I also told her that we need to use both cars this weekend and waiting 3 weeks to get the car is not acceptable.  The agent said that this is a normal timeframe but I said I’m not familiar with how Kia/Cycle & Carriage does things ‘cos I don’t get such crappy service from Volkswagen or Tan Chong. 

I asked the agent if there’s anyone I can speak to to escalate this matter.  She said no.  So I asked her, if I wanted to write a complaint letter, who can I address it to?  She evaded my question and said she’ll chase the delivery folks again.  I ended the call in a very calm tone, telling her to please help check on the delivery and if it’s not possible, then give me the name of someone I can address my complaint letter to.

Mid-way through typing this update to my earlier post, the car agent called.  Our car is ready for collection.

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  1. 1 G

    storage fee… what crap. whatever happened to ‘customer service’?? complain! complain!

    when i bought my integra from kah motors last time, they told me right from the start that i have to wait for 1.5 months for them to ship a red car from japan, and that was it, no bull, nothing.

    and the salesperson that i bought the car from 4 years back is still sending me cny cards…

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