Nokia N8

I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Nokia N8 in Singapore.  Nokia has finally created a phone that’s nearly perfect (in terms of what I look for in a phone).  The only thing I’ve yet to ascertain is if there’ll be T9 keypad input for text.  The review I just read talks about QWERTY input only.

Here’re some of the things I’m looking forward to in the N8:

1) Homescreens

I first experienced the Nokia homescreens when I tested the N900.  I like how I can categorise my widgets, shortcuts, apps, etc into 4 “desktops”. 

2) Multitasking

When you tap to view all opened apps, each app gets a thumbnail showing its current status and you can tap on the “X” in the corner of the thumbnail if you want to close the app.  This is a great improvement over the X6, where I have to go into the individual app in order to exit it.

3) Conversations Format

FINALLY, SMS and MMS will be displayed in a chat format, something that has been made available by practically every other handphone manufacturer – Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple, you name it.

4) E-Mail

I don’t really like the interface of how e-mails are displayed in the X6.  It’s too “text-based” and a lot of formatting in the e-mail is lost.  I really liked how the N900 displayed e-mails – almost as though I was viewing them on a PC.  Based on the screenshot of the N8’s e-mail app, I think it’s going to replicate the N900’s way of displaying e-mails. Fantastic!

5) 12MP Camera & Video Editing

I’ve always loved the cameras on Nokia.  The N8’s going to come with a 12MP camera and no doubt it will be great for taking photos.  Nokia’s camera apps have always allowed basic editing (cropping, changing colours to black & white, sepia, contrast/brightness adjustment, adding frames, text, clipart, etc).  The N8 is going one up by allowing the editing of videos!

6) Multi-touch Zooming

For Apple fans who have always raved about the iPhone’s “pinch to zoom” capability, the N8 will be offering this too – though it’s not a big deal to me.  I don’t mind tapping to zoom in.  Actually, I thought the N900’s way of zooming was quite cool too – by drawing circles (clockwise to zoom in & counter-clockwise to zoom out).


There’re of course many other features that are typical of Nokia that I’m looking forward to on the N8, but I’m not pointing them out now since they don’t vary from my X6. 

Now I’m just wishing hard that my favourite Gravity Twitter app becomes available on the N8!


Update [17 June 2010]: How can I forget to mention… the N8 comes with a Xenon flash!  The only other Nokia device to have a Xenon flash was the N82 (loved that hp to bits).  Am so looking forward to the N8’s Xenon flash!!

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