I suspect Fillet might have gone for a job interview last Friday ‘cos although our office allows dress down on Fri, she was wearing formal work attire.  In addition, she took half day leave for Fri afternoon.  I asked her what’s the reason for her not dressing down and she said she was meeting friends who dress very formally and thus she wanted to “match them”.  For someone who loves to dress down, that sounds like a mighty lame excuse to me.

In any case, I wouldn’t mind if she finds another job because she doesn’t seem very cut out for our business.  I mean, she sure isn’t the brightest spark around… this was a conversation we had this morning.

Fillet: If the premium terms of payment says 30 days, does it mean I have to write the exact date down?
Me: Yes.  Of ‘cos you have to specify the exact date in your billing.
Fillet: So if it says “30 days terms of payment”, I cannot just say e.g. 21 July 2010?
Me: Erm… but if it’s due 30 days from today, given that the month of June only has 30 days, then of ‘cos it’s 21 July 2010 right?
Fillet: [Points to calendar] So I have to count 30 days to get the date?
Me: *Pauses* if the month itself has 30 days, then obviously it will be the same date as today, just a month later right?  If the month has 31 days, then it’ll be one day less lah!  E.g. If it’s due 30 days from 21 July, then it’ll be 20 Aug lor!
Fillet: So I have to count lah?
Me: [Deciding that this is another of those “I can’t out talk stupidity cases] Yah.

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