Bling Nokia X6 Cases from eBay

I never used to buy much stuff online because of the risk of parting with money before seeing the actual goods.  The only thing I buy regularly over the Internet would probably be concert tickets and maybe 1 or 2 handphones from Singtel’s online shop.

Recently, however, I got quite hooked on bling handphone covers and bought 3 off eBay in the last 3 months!  Here’s a pic of my purchases.


I bought the pink crown design (middle) first.  I really like it because of the sweet pink and it’s not overly bling.  The drawback is that the jewels forming the crown is very raised and thus the handphone doesn’t sit well if I rest it on the table (unless I put it face down).  I bought the heart design (right) next.  The picture on ebay appeared a lot more pastel pink so when the actual thing came, it was a little too bling for my taste.  I used it nonetheless ‘cos – buy liao don’t waste money mah.  The heart design also comes with a front cover which has its pros & cons.  The advantage being that it gives more protection to the handphone… the bad thing is that accessing some areas on the touchscreen can be a little difficult.

The skeleton design is my latest purchase – I think it was sitting in my mailbox for a few days because I forgot about it and didn’t check my mailbox.  Haha.  Just went down to collect it tonight and boy am I pleased with it.  The actual product looks better than the eBay photo (and my photo).  The black crystals aren’t too shiny but the white and pink crystals are so it really makes the design stand out.  I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet, but yet not too devilish ‘cos of the cutesy pink eye-patch on the skull.  :)  Very pleased with it.

I think I’m going to keep rotating the 3 cases.  Hehe.  Will use in accordance to my mood.  For anyone else who’s keen on the above, be warned though – the crystals drop off quite easily (only the pink heart design came with a strip of extra crystals).  I believe these crystals are easily purchasable and repairs can be done… but you know me lah… so lazy… I won’t bother.  Hahahaha.

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