Proud Owner of a N8

I got my Nokia N8 yesterday.  So happy.  After I sent that e-mail to Mr Lew, someone from Singtel called me on Mon morning and said they were looking into the issues I raised.  By early afternoon, someone else called me and we sorted everything out.  My recontract with Mio was done (sigh… signed another 2 years of my virtual life to them) and after deducting the $400 for my X6 and another $50 (some Mio recontract promo that ended on 31 Oct but they gave it to me when I asked them about it), arrangements were made for the N8 to be delievered to my office on Tue afternoon.

It was easy to load my customisation preference onto the N8 – by syncing my contacts from my Ovi desktop to my handphone, my contact groups were also reloaded.  Spent a bit of time customising the various profile settings (Office, Outdoor, General, etc), loaded 8GB+ worth of MP3s (only Chinese songs!!), customised the ringtones (this was a breeze!  The X6 was pretty slow in opening up the songs but the N8’s soooo quick!) and I was pretty much done with personalising the N8.

This was something I should have done research on but didn’t – but anyhow, all worked out well because the N8 (running Symbian^3) is backwards compatible with S60v5 apps.  I thus managed to reload all my favourite X6 apps onto the N8, namely Gravity, WordPress, Roadmate Live, Singtel Data Usage, Weibo, Foursquare, etc.  The only thing I couldn’t find was the Straits Times app… and my favourite game, Raving Rabbids, has been taken off the Ovistore.  Boohoo.  No more playing with the crazy rabbids on my hp.

Anyway, I’m off to Japan tomorrow night for 2 weeks.  Yippee.  Gotta rush work now.  Ciao!!  🙂

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  1. 1 ArtemisSoh


    Just wondering how’s your experience with the Nokia N8 as compared with your X6? Thinking of getting the N8 but scared after the total chaos that resulted from my X6 purchase.

  2. 2 UptownGal

    What was the X6 chaos abt? If u read my previous post, I had to go thru’ 4 Singtel depts & a complaint e-mail to the group CEO b4 I managed to get my N8 but I’m REALLY happy w/ it. See more in next post!!

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