Ai Yikes

Haven’t really spent much time on my blog over 2010.  Decided to clean up my blogroll (that’s the links to friends with blogs).  So I removed some blogs that have been dead for some time now and added a new one.

It’s interesting what people use their blogs for.  Some use it like a diary, sharing their happy and sad moments.  Some create a really happy world, which makes for a nice, uplifting read.

What does my blog appear to you? 

I can’t decide.  I often rant online because it’s a channel in which I vent my frustrations.  Things that I don’t say in real life and things I may say, if the opportunity arises, get blasted online.  I think I share some para-personal stuff online too, though as my identity gets more “open”, I find it difficult to write too much about my life or my work.

Just read 2 of my friends’ blogs and found out that 1 just broke up last month.  Dropped the said friend a message on Facebook.  Perhaps I need to catch up with friends more.

Also saw photos friends posted of recent salsa events.  Sigh.. I miss salsa. but then again, I’m damn lazy to go out on Friday nights sometimes.  Hehe.

Oh well, it’s a brand new year… maybe I’ll be a little more active, visit the salsa folks a little more… but first, I need to find out WHO amongst my old friends still salsa.  Haha.  It’s been 2 years since I last danced!!

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