Read with interest the latest saga over Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate, Vincent Wijeysinga, and how he was touted at a gay forum to be a potential “first gay MP” rallying for more rights for homosexuals.  The People’s Action Party (PAP) asked SDP to clarify its position on the matter and SDP came out to clarify that they are not pursuing the gay agenda and none of their MPs will.

I think the issue goes beyond “pushing political agendas”.  I believe the choices/ stance/ position that a person takes is intrinsically linked to his beliefs & values.  For example, many Christian MPs spoke out against having casinos in Singapore and this was based on their religious beliefs.  Another example might be if there is an MP who is very concerned about shark conservation, should any bills be tabled about banning the import of sharks’ fin, the MP is then highly likely to support this.  In the same vein, even if a homosexual MP doesn’t actively pursue gay rights in parliament, I think it’s only logical that this MP will make decisions based on his belief/ values.

This may be good for people in support of gay rights, and not so good for people who want things to remain status quo.  My point is, voting for a candidate is not just about what “political agenda” they say they have, or don’t have.  It’s also about voting for a candidate who shares the same beliefs & values as you.  Since it is often said that an MP is the people’s voice in parliament, then we should remember that “out of an overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”.

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April 2011