Be A Responsible Voter

I understand that different people will have different beliefs and will therefore vote for different parties.  What upsets me is when people tell me things like they want to vote for the opposition ‘cos of “gut feel”.  When asked what don’t they like about the incumbent, they say they don’t know, have not read up, and some don’t even know who is the opposition party contesting in their ward, yet, they still want to vote for the opposition due to “gut feel”.  I think voting is something that should be done responsibly.  When someone says something, don’t just believe blindly.  Please do your own investigation & research.  Things should be read in context and any proposed amendments to our policies should be considered carefully in view of the big picture.  For example, Ms Glenda Han from Workers’ Party says she wants to remove the industry requirement that prevents certain SMEs from getting grants.  What bullshit.  There is no such requirement in the eligibility criteria to get grants!

Then you have some ex-government scholars who say they want to prevent foreigners from snatching jobs from Singaporeans by imposing this S$4k minimum salary requirement (i.e. to stop hiring foreigners whose pay package is below S$4k).  Do you know that by doing this, a lot of young & talented foreigners who can contribute effectively to Singapore will be turned away?  For years, the Singapore government has welcomed Asean scholars to come to Singapore to study.  These brightest students from neighbouring countries come in their teens & usually stay on till they complete their university studies in Singapore.  Fresh grads generally get around S$2.5k – 3k a month these days.  If we were to implement this minimum S$4k rule, this pool of talent will be lost.  A lot of these scholars, having spent half their life in Singapore, end up taking up permanent residency and eventually citizenship.  We can spend money to offer more enrichment schemes to Singaporeans to ensure that our locals do not fall behind.  But we must never be afraid of being better for that will drag us down.

Another opposition leader also recently suggested taking out S$10bil from our reserves & distribute the cash in amounts of $1mil handouts to individuals to start companies.  He says we may one day establish our own Facebook & Google this way.  S$10bil of taxpayers’ money freely given out.  Does this sound sensible to you?

I could seriously go on & on & on about why I am get so annoyed whenever I read about propositions made by the opposition.  I really hope all Singaporeans will vote in a positive & affirmative manner.  Vote for a party you have done your homework on & whom you genuinely believe can see Singapore through the next 5, 10 years.  Don’t vote in a negative way, i.e. to cast the vote for an inferior party, only because you have some gripes with the better party.

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April 2011