Nokia 6700 & a Swimming Pool

I often hear stories about how people drop their Nokia phones in water and how the phone miraculously survives.

Last weekend, my boss was watching his son play/ wade in a swimming pool at Sentosa. He had instructed his son to stay on the steps of the pool cos his son was too short to wander into the pool, plus the boy doesn’t know how to swim.

Unfortunately, the boy got curious after a while and decided to thread beyond the last step. Sure enough, he lost his footing and his head went under water. My boss immediately ran to the pool to yank his son out. In his haste, his wallet and handphone went into the pool as well!

My boss saw the screen of his Nokia 6700 fizzle and die. He went to the washroom, took apart the phone and used the hand dryer to blow dry the phone. After he got home that night, he continued to dry the phone using a hairdryer. Amazingly, the phone was revived. My boss then turned to his wife who uses an iphone and said, “Don’t think your iphone would’ve survived.” Heh.

My boss is now a firm believer of Nokia products, though I wouldn’t suggest anyone dunking their phones ever!

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June 2011