Lonely Pinky


Pinky’s been really lonely since Horlicks & Coffee passed away. Since he was young, Pinky has always been accompanied by another, for the lack of a better term, living thing. When he was baby, he used to stay with us on the 2nd floor of my patents’ house. When he got bigger, he stayed in the garden with his mom, separated by a fence from Coffee & Peanut. When Peanut & Horlicks died, Pinky still had Coffee around (even if they didn’t hang out together) for company. Now that even Coffee has passed on, poor Pinky’s been really lonely. Once he hears noises in the living room, he’ll press his paws against the side door asking to be let in.


Even if it’s just to sleep while we watch TV or chat, he’s satisfied. I spent almost the entire evening keeping Pinky company just now & boy was he happy. He scurried around the hall, sniffed toes & refused to go home after spending more than 2 hours with us. I had to push his backside bit by bit to get him to go back out into the garden.

I am going to try to visit Pinky as many times a week as possible. He’s an old boy now – at 5 years, 10.5 months. I hope he’ll be as happy as he possibly can for the remaining period of his life.

Really not sure how long more we’ll have with the darling of the family. He’s been having soft stools off & on for about 2 months now but he’s still active & has a good appetite.

I hope Pinky has many more years with us. He’s such a loveable bunny.

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November 2011