Mr Noseshit

Ever since I accidentally found out (he saved his employment contract in our network drive) my colleague’s pay (much higher than mine) and that he’s going to get a double promotion next year, I’ve been a disgruntled employee. It irks me cos this chap has a tendency to seek advice / solutions from me, and share it with the boss as though he thought the solution himself In fact, last Thurs, he even went as far as to say that he didn’t join our future boss for dinner with some underwriters cos he stayed back to help me resolve some problems. What a bloody liar. He didn’t go for the dinner cos he had a date! And I have evidence of it as he scanned and saved the receipt in our network drive, with the gal’s name appended to it. On top of that, he even claimed travel reimbursement for “OTing” that day.

On Mon, we had drinks with our clients and he had the cheek to say that he “contributed me”. Shit lah. I’m not some commodity that can be traded. Plus, I was the one who arranged the drinks session. More importantly, this joker doesn’t even drink. He alternates between orange juice and mocktails like Pussy Foot (such a sissy drink).

What added to my irritation was when we were leaving, he asked if I wanted to share cab. My reply was, “For what? There are so many empty cabs waiting for customers!”. His reply was, to help the company save money. Wah lau eh. What a hypocrite. If he wanted to help the company save money, then he should not be making false transport claims, including the “OT cab fare home” last Fri – it was a public holiday! This is the same dude that regularly lunches on company expense!

Such an annoying fellow. Argh!

Then I read Phil 2:14-15 a few days ago. The verse says to do everything without grumbling or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure. Gotta admit it’s a real struggle cos I have so many grievances against this colleague that I’ve been complaining about working with him. Sigh. Still trying to accept that he’s The way he is and it’s not my call to judge.

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November 2012