Year of the Snake

Didn’t take any leave for CNY this year cos there’s no one to cover for me for my main bank account. The thing about this bank is that some of the deals can be closed within 1-2 hours. So it’s quite important that there’s always someone on standby to quickly ring underwriters for terms & put a policy together. Unfortunately, the new person who was supposed to be my backup on this account only started work on 14 Feb so I didn’t feel comfortable taking leave.

Good thing is, my new colleague has started work so once he gets settled into this account (in addition to technical knowledge, client management is crucial, in my opinion), I will be able to take leave. Yay!

The bad news is, my new colleage is only working with me on 2 accounts. On all other accounts, Foxconn has been assigned to back me up and that totally sucks. Not only do I find her lacking common sense, she has absolutely zero initiative and expects to be spoon fed all the time. Really irritates the crap out of me. Not to mention her English is terrible! After a year in the company, she has as much insurance knowledge as the department secretary. Argh! Such a pain in the ass.

I haven’t decided how I intend to allocate work to her but it looks to me that Foxconn will remain an overpaid admin stuff (and even doing admin, she sucks. Super careless!)


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