Exams and Auditions

There’s been talk in WCS recently about the merits of having “leveled workshops” at WCS events (i.e. having workshops that are marked out for different levels such as beginner/ intermediate/ advance, and the merits of going to the extent of having to audition before you can take the workshop).

I think some form of “leveling” is definitely necessary.  As it is, I am irritated when I go for an intermediate class and some guy turns up and doesn’t even know the basics like how to anchor!  It’s a waste of my time in class whenever I am rotated to that guy and I think I will be equally annoyed if I were to attend a workshop and the same happens.

That said, I can understand that from a commercial perspective, if all workshops need auditions, you may scare away students and that would make your event not viable (from an revenue generation point of view).  Perhaps the balance would be to have workshops marked with different levels and implementing auditions for the most advance workshops only.

From my personal rookie point of view, that way, I know that if I flunk an audition and hence could not take the advance workshop, everyone else who doesn’t qualify would flunk with me.  Not like the L4 class now (L4 being the highest level at the studio where I’m  learning from)… out of respect for the system and the teacher, I do not participate in the main class because I’m not of the required standard yet.  I stand in a corner and observe the class and practise the moves with a classmate who also goes to observe the class (so we won’t slow the class down).  However, when I look at the main group in the class, I realise half of them shouldn’t be there too.



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