Merry Christmas 2014

It’s been a rather manic December with colleagues going on leave & some China deals closing.

I’m guessing it’s a end-of-year thing as Facebook has been showing a recap of posts made a year back. One of the photos I saw was that of nurses singing Christmas carols at CGH when I went to visit my aunt who was warded due to stroke. How quickly 1 year has gone by!

Seeing my aunt at our family gathering today, I realised her condition has improved dramatically. She can now say several sentences together at ease. Quite an achievement for someone who had to re-learn her language skills.

I realised also that recovery from stroke isn’t something that can be rushed – which means for both the patient as well as the care-givers, a lot of patience is needed. It’s a 2.4km run, not a 100m sprint.

Poor Pinky was locked outside while the guests were indoors during the Christmas dinner at my parents’. We were worried that he might get stepped on or disoriented by the number of people walking about. After all, Pinky’s completely blind from cataracts now.

As Pinky heads towards his 9th birthday on 16 Jan, my daily prayer for him is that he stays healthy so that I have the privilege of his company.

Ended the day by going NTUC to buy hairdye. Oh yes! Eastpoint has re-opened after closing for renovations for 1.5 years. The dye turned out darker than I expected. But it’s fine. As long as it covers my white hair. Hahaha.

It’s 2:32am on boxing day now. Time to hit the sack. Goodnight everyone.

I wish you Jesus this Christmas!

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