2Wire Wireless Modem / Evil Horlicks

I am very proud of myself! Though i suck at computer hardware, i managed to get my wireless networking to work, after Clown helped me hook up the h/ware stuff. Muahahahaha.

Totally sidetracking, Horlicks turned evil yesterday. She started chasing Coke Light around and just now, she even pulled 2 tufts of fur from Coke Light! What an evil concubine she is!

Peanut has given up chasing Coke Light after she got chased by Horlicks yesterday and was also subdued by Clown.

Sigh… now i’ve a big headache over how to tame horrid Horlicks. Patience has threatened to use her fists…

Ok… it’s 3:09am now… i’m so not going to wake up tomorrow morning…

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