The hunt goes on

I got an sms from the recruitment guy yesterday morning saying that Cofrance (the trade credit insurer) has shortlisted me for the last round of interview with the Biz Dev Director & the Managing Director. The interview will be held end of the month ‘cos apparently both directors are not in SG now.

That gives me about 3 weeks to study the company, their products, and the way their trade works. Gotta read and study their website more… that was the advice given by the Senior Manager at round 2 of the interview process… as well as the recruitment guy.

Sigh. It’s going to be a tough fight to get this job ‘cos i don’t have any relevant experience at all… just banking on my gift of the gab… and whatever info i can dig on the company.

Well, everything’s in God’s hands i suppose… man proposes, God chooses.

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