Bomb Shelter

Met a friend for dinner at Singpost and while i was walking to the MRT station on my way home, i heard several fighter aircraft fly overhead. It made me wonder what would happen if a war really hit Singapore. I thought about how our underground MRT stations can be converted into bomb shelters… did i mention before? I’m actually a supporter of having bomb shelters inside apartments.

Although i do not know for sure how effective a bomb shelter would be during an air-raid… but i support the intention behind having bomb shelters. I remember when in primary school, there was this story in one of my textbooks about how Switzerland has a bomb shelter in every household (Ok, if u google, u’ll read that it’s either a bomb shelter in every household or pay $$ for a place in a communal shelter… and btw, did u know that ‘google’ just made it into the dictionary as a verb?) and i thought then that it was an excellent idea!

I know it seems paranoid that a war would ever happen to Singapore… but who can predict what will happen in the next 50 years? Hey, i’m only 27 this year… i would certainly hope to live for another 50 years… and to live in peace. (Genetic statistically speaking, i stand a good chance.)

I thought about what would happen to my rabbits if a war struck – my parents & i would definitely take shelter somewhere. I would hope not to be separated from my bf in times of air-raids. But what would happen to my bunnies? I would have to leave them at home. I could give them all the food available, assuming they survived any bombings… but what about water? Even if i left dozens of water containers out for them… they would eventually still dry up / spill over / finish. My bunnies would die! That’s a very very sad thought too!

So do remember to always pray for peace. I think sometimes we take our comfortable lives in Singapore for granted. At least sometimes i forget that the peace & posterity we have, were paid for by our forefathers.


FYI, bomb shelters were made compulsory by Singapore law in 1997. Every apartment / flat was to have a bomb shelter inside the unit. In 2004, the law was amended such that you could have the bomb shelter inside your apartment or outside (as in a communal shelter) but most developers have preferred to put the bomb shelter inside the unit. So if anyone tells you that the law was abolished, it’s not true. It’s still a requirement.

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