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Finally collected my Oakley sunglasses from The Lens Men @ Parkway Parade! Stupid shop people! Didn’t call me even though the sunglasses were ready for collection. If i hadn’t called the shop to check, they would still be sitting in the box! Actually i’m sort of curious whether the shop really ordered a new pair, […]

Catcher of Bugs

Bugs are drawn to me, somehow. All sorts of bugs – insects (i’ve almost never opened my bedroom windows since shifting to my house in 1998 ‘cos insects & moths kept flying in at night); flu bug (i’m very prone to catching colds… especially this year… i’ve been to the doctor like 6 times ‘cos […]

Personal Responsibility

It’s amazing how some people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their failures in life. They refuse to face up to the fact that they made a wrong decision, and in their self-delusion, they push the blame to others. Come on… no one leads perfect lives where by we don’t make bad decisions, don’t […]

Stupid User

Argh. I never thought the day would come… when i declare myself a “stupid user”. When i was working as a helpdesk staff at a local ISP, i came across numerous stupid users. People too dumb to know how to right-click, drag and drop, etc. But… today… today… i discovered that i am a stupid […]

Problems with IE

I’m still having problems with Internet Explorer. Somehow, the theme i’m using doesn’t work well with IE. I’ve amended the options to my theme’s searchbar to include a live search. This works ok with Firefox… but the search box doesn’t appear in IE at all. The bad thing about this search tool is that it […]


There was a farewell dinner cum KTV session organised by the Triumph agents just now. They also bought me a pair of Oakley sunglasses as a farewell gift. The agents who did not manage to make it for tonight’s farewell dinner are organising another farewell dinner for me. Wow. Although we’ve always had a happy […]

Fireworks Finale

Didn’t manage to get any tables along the waterfront at all! Stupid waitress who told me to come try my luck… *%#^@. Simi got a few tables available! All bullshit. Every freaking table was reserved lor! Tsk tsk! But since i was at One Fullerton already, i refused to give up. So i decided to […]

N73 or Canon Ixus?

Been thinking of getting the latest Nokia N73 ‘cos it comes with a 3.2MP camera. I’ve read several comparisons of the N73 and Sonyericsson’s K800i and the conclusion i got is that the N73 takes better shots in bright light, whereas the K800i gives u better night shots. The N73, howver, definitely is the winner […]

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006

Cirrus and i tried to watch tonight’s fireworks display at Marina Bay. Didn’t quite succeed ‘cos we were blocked by trees… So the plan for the final display of fireworks tomorrow night, is for me to go “chope” a place at either Black Angus or Bakerzin along Marina Bay tomorrow at 6pm, and “chope” the […]

Woohoo! The guest star on 100% Entertainment tonight is David Tao!! I love watching him ‘cos he’s sooo witty & humourous. Very few artistes are as entertaining as him and of ‘cos, he sings sooo well!! (But the mike on the show still has that irritating feedback sound! Argh!). Anyway, there’s one thing i don’t […]

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