Finally collected my Oakley sunglasses from The Lens Men @ Parkway Parade! Stupid shop people! Didn’t call me even though the sunglasses were ready for collection. If i hadn’t called the shop to check, they would still be sitting in the box!

Actually i’m sort of curious whether the shop really ordered a new pair, or they gave me back the same pair ‘cos i saw an identical scratch on the side of the frame… but this supposedly new pair has some other fine scratches too… and it feels slightly tighter (i’m very sensitive to glasses… ‘cos i get headaches easily from any pressure to the sides of my head). So i really don’t know. No choice but to give the shop the benefit of the doubt.

I realise u need a lot of confidence to wear sunnies. I’ve never really had a pair before…. sure… i had this funky rose pink one from Topshop in London… but the shape of that pair looked more like ordinary glasses, just tinted rose to give the wearer a happier view of the world.

I’ve always liked those big big aviator shades. But i don’t think i’ll look good in them. Somehow, u need to be cool to carry them off. But i’m a stupid user remember? Definitely not cool. Sigh. This new pair of shades are big too. They give good coverage when driving… so u won’t get any rays of sun like shooting in from the sides of the glasses. The grey lens are also a lot lighter when u look out of them…. as in they’re not as black as they seem. (BTW, the description on the box says grape frame with grey lens. The frame’s like a dark ribena berry purple for those who can’t tell from the pic.) Wore them while driving just now and i simply love them!!

Just that… i still feel a little self-conscious in them. Haha. I thought they looked great when i tried them on at the shop… but now i feel a bit funny when i wear them? What if they’re too big and too dark such that they look like those glasses blind people wear? Hehe. Oh well, i’m telling myself now that it’s just me. I look fine!! Right? Right?

Right! I look fine. ๐Ÿ˜› Don’t answer that.


Darn! Apparently i bought the Men’s design of the sunglasses. This is the female equivalent…

oakley female.jpg

Did i make the wrong choice?

Catcher of Bugs

Bugs are drawn to me, somehow. All sorts of bugs – insects (i’ve almost never opened my bedroom windows since shifting to my house in 1998 ‘cos insects & moths kept flying in at night); flu bug (i’m very prone to catching colds… especially this year… i’ve been to the doctor like 6 times ‘cos of nasal ailments?!); hardware bugs (I seem to be able to find a bug on the very first day of use for every new handphone i buy); and the latest – software bugs (yes, the very software i’m using now.)

Flask very kindly introduced me to the latest beta software from Microsoft – the “Live Writer“. It allows users to write blog posts in it (u can do it offline), and the publish the post directly to your blog for you. It’s compatible with almost every blog i think – blogger, wordpress, livejournal, etc. Cool hor? (I hope the various blog servers won’t start barring this prog…) BUT! I found a bug on my very first try. Sigh. Something to do with checking the Date/Time checkbox. Won’t go into it here… i’ve reported the bug on Microsoft’s forum already.

Bug aside, this Live Writer (i keep wanting to type Liver!) is really cool. It allow easy customisation of the blog post (noticed the changes in my font?), insertion of pics with backdrop shadow, etc. Most importantly, everything’s done on your desktop right? So even if your blog server suddenly konks out, u won’t lose your entire entry.

Interested? Try it for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Personal Responsibility

It’s amazing how some people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their failures in life. They refuse to face up to the fact that they made a wrong decision, and in their self-delusion, they push the blame to others. Come on… no one leads perfect lives where by we don’t make bad decisions, don’t stumble, and don’t have regrets. Sure, we try to minimise these occurrences but it’s not possible to live life without mistakes.

Today, a friend of mine was complaining to me that she holds a grudge against another friend ‘cos she feels that he’s a contributing factor to the decline in her career path. His charge? He was the one who convinced her to join the real estate industry after she quit her audit job. This friend of mine stayed in real estate for 1.5 years, before she went back to accounting ‘cos she wasn’t making any headway in real estate. And when she went back to do accounts, i think her pay was not as high as it would have been, had she stayed in the industry all the way. She said, “if he didn’t ask me to join real estate, i would’ve found another job in audit after a few months of bumming.”

But why should our other friend be blamed for her failure in real estate? Sure, the real estate company he set up closed down. In fact, he himself has gone back to the entertainment industry. But we all take risks in life so you really can’t blame someone else when you don’t succeed!

Personally, i find that my friend didn’t succeed in real estate because she’s just not cut out for it. I used to partner her for several deals in real estate & finally, i decided to call off our partnership ‘cos she was like a parasite. She expected me to chauffeur her around, and would leech on commission i earned, even when she didn’t deserve it. It came to a point when i realised that it was either i called off the partnership, or our friendship would have to come to an end.

I’m not sure if my friend knows about this blog. She might hate me for life if she reads this. Haha. In any case, i just think it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes once in a while. What’s important is that we learn from the experience, and move on.

Stupid User

Argh. I never thought the day would come… when i declare myself a “stupid user”. When i was working as a helpdesk staff at a local ISP, i came across numerous stupid users. People too dumb to know how to right-click, drag and drop, etc. But… today… today… i discovered that i am a stupid user too!! Argh!! *Covers face in shame*.

If u check out the old videos i took of Pinky when he was a baby, u’ll hear this tak tak tak tak sound in the background. For ages i thought it was ‘cos my digicam koyak already… but… but… Zounds found out what the problem was…. it’s a setting problem!! Setting problem means… user problem!! I’m a stupid user!! Boohoohoo! ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, if anyone is using the Nikon 3700 too, and u are from the same stupid user club as me, the reason for the tak tak tak sound is ‘cos u’ve set the video focus mode to “continuous autofocus”. Change the setting to “single focus” and the sound will go away. It seems that the camera captures the focusing sound, hence the tak tak tak.

Sigh. I’m depressed. After years of techie snobbery, i’ve now joined the ranks of stupid users. Sniff.

Problems with IE

I’m still having problems with Internet Explorer. Somehow, the theme i’m using doesn’t work well with IE.

I’ve amended the options to my theme’s searchbar to include a live search. This works ok with Firefox… but the search box doesn’t appear in IE at all. The bad thing about this search tool is that it only searches the page u’re in. For e.g., if u type “fireworks” when u’re in my blog page, the search will return hits on posts with the word “fireworks”. But if u’re in the Bunnies page, then the search will draw a blank. Not very smart hor?

I tried using the Google search widget, as well as the Yahoo! search widget… but neither works with the current theme. Sigh. Guess nothing’s perfect! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, if u wish to try out Firefox browser, click here to download.


There was a farewell dinner cum KTV session organised by the Triumph agents just now. They also bought me a pair of Oakley sunglasses as a farewell gift. The agents who did not manage to make it for tonight’s farewell dinner are organising another farewell dinner for me. Wow. Although we’ve always had a happy working environment together at Triumph, the extent of their gestures of appreciation has taken me by surprise.

Naturally, i’m happy to know that i’ll be missed. At least it means that whatever i was doing at Triumph was right. It is a pat on the back, a reassurance to my ego that i wasn’t delusional when i thought previously that i had achieved a close-to-ideal working dynamics at Triumph. I take a certain amount of personal credit that our latest score against our competitors is 8-0!

During the past 2 meetings i had with the developer, the developer questioned our competitors why they weren’t able to close any deals. The sales manager said, “whether it’s by luck, by chance, or by skill, how come the Peaceable Bunnies can close but not the Bears of the Evil Fruit Trees?”

When i heard that, i thought to myself… of ‘cos… u have to see the team that’s behind the successful sales! To me, having a successful sales team is not about skills alone. It is also about keeping the team’s morale up, making sure that the team members help one another, and ensuring that all the members are clear about the goal the team needs to achieve. You need to be able to inject a lot of positive thoughts into the team members so that they’re always raring to go for the kill when they’re negotiating a deal.

That said, to maintain the ideal dynamics of any group is a fine balancing act. As much as i like to be missed i’m also worried that the agents may not be able to adapt to the change in leadership. From short conversations i’ve had with some of the agents during the past week, i realised that some are adapting to the change better than others – some agents are not comfortable with the new system in place now, and some are thinking of quitting because their sales have been below par.

I really hope that my departure will not be a great destabilising factor for the Peaceable Bunnies. I’m also grateful to the sales manager of the developer for standing up for me when the Bears of the Evil Fruit Trees leveled several complaints against me the past week. It is good to know that i’ll definitely be welcomed should i visit them at the showflat hereafter… and most importantly, i hope that the team that has slogged alongside me the past year will still be intact.

Fireworks Finale

Didn’t manage to get any tables along the waterfront at all! Stupid waitress who told me to come try my luck… *%#^@. Simi got a few tables available! All bullshit. Every freaking table was reserved lor! Tsk tsk!

But since i was at One Fullerton already, i refused to give up. So i decided to sit as close to the waterfront as possible, and wait for the fireworks display. I camped at the best spot i could find, from 6pm all the way to 9pm. Heh. I must say my Nokia 6280 served me well. Listened to mp3s while reading my notes on international arbitration. The battery life of the 6280 really quite impressive… the playing of mp3s for 2 over hours hardly made a dent on the batt life.

Took more videos of the fireworks display just now. As usual, there was an irritating woman at the front who insisted on standing up when most people were sitting down. Oh well… better than nothing… hope u like the videos.

N73 or Canon Ixus?

Been thinking of getting the latest Nokia N73 ‘cos it comes with a 3.2MP camera. I’ve read several comparisons of the N73 and Sonyericsson’s K800i and the conclusion i got is that the N73 takes better shots in bright light, whereas the K800i gives u better night shots. The N73, howver, definitely is the winner for taking videos.

This conclusion is similar to the performance of my current Nokia 6280 & Cirrus’ SE K750i. My 6280 takes nice shots during the day… but in poor light, Cirrus’ K750i definitely takes clearer shots. We also both took videos of the fireworks but… hehe… of ‘cos mine nicer lah! ๐Ÿ˜›

While talking to a friend who managed to get his hands on a N73 to play around with, i was kind of convinced by him that instead of banking on the N73 to take decent shots of my rabbits, i should buy a digicam instead. My current digicam’s a Nikon3700 that’s half konked out. I’m thinking of the Canon Ixus… but not sure if it’ll make a worthwhile purchase.

The thing about a hp is that i’ll definitely carry it with me everywhere i go… so i can snap any shots i want, as and when i want to. Of ‘cos, these shots would never be comparable to ones taken by a digicam… but it’s the convenience lah. However, given that bunnies don’t have very long lifespans, i would certainly want to capture every moment of their lives with me. Sigh. I’m torn now.

How Pinky? Which u prefer me to use when i take photos of u?

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006

Cirrus and i tried to watch tonight’s fireworks display at Marina Bay. Didn’t quite succeed ‘cos we were blocked by trees…

So the plan for the final display of fireworks tomorrow night, is for me to go “chope” a place at either Black Angus or Bakerzin along Marina Bay tomorrow at 6pm, and “chope” the seat till the fireworks show starts at 9pm.

I managed to take a few videos of the fireworks… but the quality… looks like pirated movies type… got people’s heads bobbing up & down, and jerky hand movements… haha.

Anyway, i’m embedding them here for your viewing pleasure. Hahaha. Everyone loves pirated videos right? (The last video is the climax of the show. The 2nd video is the clearest.)

Woohoo! The guest star on 100% Entertainment tonight is David Tao!! I love watching him ‘cos he’s sooo witty & humourous. Very few artistes are as entertaining as him and of ‘cos, he sings sooo well!! (But the mike on the show still has that irritating feedback sound! Argh!).

Anyway, there’s one thing i don’t get about how Ch U shows the episodes… they’re definitely not in order… and i have no idea why. So weird.

Oh yah… David Tao’s website is (ok, that’s kind of a duh statement). Check it out here! ๐Ÿ™‚ His new album, ๅคช็พŽไธฝ is also available for purchase now. Go get it!!


Aw man!! I just checked out David Tao’s website and he has this online diary sort of thing. Ok… there’re only 21 entries and he writes like once every few months but u know what’s the coolest thing about it?? All his entries have both English & Chinese versions!! Whoopee!! Finally! A Chinese artiste’s website that i can appreciate & understand!!

Oh and i must say that his English is pretty decent. Haha. Ok lah. His English is good… i think he’s an ABC right? Actually i’m not really that sure of his background. Will probably have to do a bit of googling later. But yeah… i like reading things that are written gramatically. Haha.