Personal Responsibility

It’s amazing how some people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their failures in life. They refuse to face up to the fact that they made a wrong decision, and in their self-delusion, they push the blame to others. Come on… no one leads perfect lives where by we don’t make bad decisions, don’t stumble, and don’t have regrets. Sure, we try to minimise these occurrences but it’s not possible to live life without mistakes.

Today, a friend of mine was complaining to me that she holds a grudge against another friend ‘cos she feels that he’s a contributing factor to the decline in her career path. His charge? He was the one who convinced her to join the real estate industry after she quit her audit job. This friend of mine stayed in real estate for 1.5 years, before she went back to accounting ‘cos she wasn’t making any headway in real estate. And when she went back to do accounts, i think her pay was not as high as it would have been, had she stayed in the industry all the way. She said, “if he didn’t ask me to join real estate, i would’ve found another job in audit after a few months of bumming.”

But why should our other friend be blamed for her failure in real estate? Sure, the real estate company he set up closed down. In fact, he himself has gone back to the entertainment industry. But we all take risks in life so you really can’t blame someone else when you don’t succeed!

Personally, i find that my friend didn’t succeed in real estate because she’s just not cut out for it. I used to partner her for several deals in real estate & finally, i decided to call off our partnership ‘cos she was like a parasite. She expected me to chauffeur her around, and would leech on commission i earned, even when she didn’t deserve it. It came to a point when i realised that it was either i called off the partnership, or our friendship would have to come to an end.

I’m not sure if my friend knows about this blog. She might hate me for life if she reads this. Haha. In any case, i just think it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes once in a while. What’s important is that we learn from the experience, and move on.

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  1. 1 Iceman

    yup, totally agree
    unfortunately today we live in a world of finger pointers, its never “my” fault, instead its always “your” fault

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