Alcohol & Germs

Argh… i’m under threat by the cold bug again.  Bubbs had signs of an impending flu while in office yesterday… and when i bumped into her at Balaclava, it had developed into a full blown “ahchoo!” affair.  I spoke to her for like 5min before Iceman and i went off to find food.  But when i got home last night, i was so tired i konked out about 12am – which is extremely early by my standards.

Woke up at 7:32am this morning.. eyes feel funny and i have the sniffles. Sigh. I only have 1 conclusion from this – i.e. kids are a source of germs!  ‘Cos Bubbs caught her cold from another friend’s 3 daughters when she met up with them a couple of days ago.  And now i’m infected too?  Sigh… see why i hate kids?

Am invited to a housewarming party by Iceman tonight.  Hope my sniffles go away by then.  Superman says i shouldn’t go to the party if i’m sick… not good to spread the germs ya know?  But i said… Party = Booze Booze = Alcohol Alcohol = Anti-septic! 😛 Superman didn’t believe me. But i have proof! (Well, sort of).

Polite Sarcasm (Part 2)

Oops! Hehe. The u/wer i was trying to be politely sarcastic to caught my drift w/o me having to bold, underline, or capitalise anything. Haha. She sent this email immediately to say:

If you’re offended by the 3 working days’ delay in response, then please accept my apologies as I was travelling.
It’s arguably ‘claims-free’ but definitely not ‘loss-free’. Unfortunately the 2 year ‘clean’ experience does not offer any more assurance for us than before and I’m sure the expiring panel is most willing to take a view and continue their relationship with the insured who I hope is not trying to shop for cheaper quotes after getting their claims paid by them.
Hope this explains further.

My boss called me immediately from BKK. Haha. He asked if i meant to “make a point” in my reply. I laughed and said, “Just a little bit”. Haha. And my boss said, yeah, only gals can catch this sort of nuances. But he felt that the u/wer’s reply was uncalled for. Hiak hiak.

Oh whatever… my last reply was a simple, “No worries.:)”, although i found a contradictory statement in the u/wer’s reply – i mean, i said the policy was claims free right? So how could the Insured be “shopping for cheaper quotes after getting their claims paid?” Hahaha. Sigh… seriously… she hasn’t seen me at my best. 😛

Hmm.. maybe we should just blame all this on PMS. HAHAHA!

Polite Sarcasm

Argh! I am so screwed. I have 3 deals that i need to provide terms to the client by 2 days ago (yes, i’m past the deadline) but the underwriters haven’t got back to me despite my chasing them through emails & phone calls. (Perhaps i’ve been too polite and accomodating).

Well, i did get ONE reply back this morning. A rather catty reply i would say… which has now totally pissed me off… and that means, today marks the end of “new staff nice-ness” in me. Yes… see the my claws extend now as i unleash my harassment skills on the others who still owe me quotes.

Check out the bitch’s reply:

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately we’d not be able to assist on this. We decline XXX almost every year now and it’s just not the type of risk we’d want to get involved in.
Just for your information, we can now write up to US$XXXm for PD/BI risks and US$XXm for Liability. Further, we’d like to be the one to decide how to use our capacity if the occasion arises unless there is a very strong reason otherwise, in which case, please advise.
Hope this explains.


Let me explain why i am pissed:
1) If you’ve been declining this deal EVERY year, then why did it take 6 days for you to get back to me this time? In fact, i was promised by this u/wer’s colleague that i would have a reply sitting in my mailbox on Tuesday morning. Today is Thursday.

2) What on earth does “we’d like to be the one to decide how to use our capacity” mean? I just asked if they would like to quote on the deal. I didn’t hold a gun to their heads?! Duh!! 2 other u/wers have rejected this… politely! A simple, “sorry, we’re not keen on this deal” would have suffice. *Grr…*

Unfortunately, no matter how pissed i am, i still cannot burn my bridges. Hence, i had to send a reply that was not too sarcastic. I replied, thanking the bitch for informing us of their risk capacity, and said that i understand how “different u/wers have different appetites for various risks”, and “nonethless, glad to finally have your response”. I would have bolded, underlined, and capitalised the word “finally” if i could! Pui!

Blink of an Eye for an Insomniac

Whoa.  Before you know it, January is over.  1 month down, 11 to go.  Sheesh.  Can’t believe today’s the start of February… which is a short month… which means, March will be here in a flash.  Scary.

Been having problems sleeping lately.  Either that or my body refuses to accept anything more than 5 hours of zzz.  Been feeling tired and irritable lately so i made it a point to get more shut-eye last night… went to bed about 11:40pm?  But i woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep till about 5am??  Sigh.

Looks like i’m fated to be an insomniac.  Any treatment for being sleepless in Singapore?