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Alcohol & Germs

Argh… i’m under threat by the cold bug again.  Bubbs had signs of an impending flu while in office yesterday… and when i bumped into her at Balaclava, it had developed into a full blown “ahchoo!” affair.  I spoke to her for like 5min before Iceman and i went off to find food.  But when […]

Polite Sarcasm (Part 2)

Oops! Hehe. The u/wer i was trying to be politely sarcastic to caught my drift w/o me having to bold, underline, or capitalise anything. Haha. She sent this email immediately to say: If you’re offended by the 3 working days’ delay in response, then please accept my apologies as I was travelling. It’s arguably ‘claims-free’ […]

Polite Sarcasm

Argh! I am so screwed. I have 3 deals that i need to provide terms to the client by 2 days ago (yes, i’m past the deadline) but the underwriters haven’t got back to me despite my chasing them through emails & phone calls. (Perhaps i’ve been too polite and accomodating). Well, i did get […]

Blink of an Eye for an Insomniac

Whoa.  Before you know it, January is over.  1 month down, 11 to go.  Sheesh.  Can’t believe today’s the start of February… which is a short month… which means, March will be here in a flash.  Scary. Been having problems sleeping lately.  Either that or my body refuses to accept anything more than 5 hours […]

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