Polite Sarcasm (Part 2)

Oops! Hehe. The u/wer i was trying to be politely sarcastic to caught my drift w/o me having to bold, underline, or capitalise anything. Haha. She sent this email immediately to say:

If you’re offended by the 3 working days’ delay in response, then please accept my apologies as I was travelling.
It’s arguably ‘claims-free’ but definitely not ‘loss-free’. Unfortunately the 2 year ‘clean’ experience does not offer any more assurance for us than before and I’m sure the expiring panel is most willing to take a view and continue their relationship with the insured who I hope is not trying to shop for cheaper quotes after getting their claims paid by them.
Hope this explains further.

My boss called me immediately from BKK. Haha. He asked if i meant to “make a point” in my reply. I laughed and said, “Just a little bit”. Haha. And my boss said, yeah, only gals can catch this sort of nuances. But he felt that the u/wer’s reply was uncalled for. Hiak hiak.

Oh whatever… my last reply was a simple, “No worries.:)”, although i found a contradictory statement in the u/wer’s reply – i mean, i said the policy was claims free right? So how could the Insured be “shopping for cheaper quotes after getting their claims paid?” Hahaha. Sigh… seriously… she hasn’t seen me at my best. 😛

Hmm.. maybe we should just blame all this on PMS. HAHAHA!

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