More Beauty Products!

sexy girl night repair oil essence      Gosh.  Booze Queen, Azure and I really raided Watsons (Ngee Ann City) on Monday.  How could I forget to mention 2 other fabulous products I bought.  The first is (please forgive it’s dubious name… it is from Japan after all) "Sexy Girl Night Repair Oil Essence".  To be applied to semi-dry or dry hair, this oil essence softens the hair and makes the ends smoother.  Tried it at Watons as well as last night (applied to semi-dry hair before blow drying).  It’s good!  Light (doesn’t feel as though you applied anything, which is something I hate about leave-in conditioners) and non-sticky, it left my hair really soft this morning.  Great buy!




     The next product is Natural Aqua Gel Cure.  This is a gel-like lotion to be applied on freshly washed (and dried) skin.  Booze Queen and Azure tested it at Watsons by applying it on the back of 1 hand only.  After rubbing the skin in a circular motion, teeny bits of dried skin clumps appeared.  Upon using tissue to wipe the lotion off, the hand was visibly whiter than the other!  Truly amazing.


     This is very similar to Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser but I’ve never tried Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser on my hand so I can’t comment which is more effective.  Heh.


       Ok… that’s all the vainpot posts for now… time to shower.  🙂

The Noose

     The second season of the Channel 5 satirical variety show The Noose just ended its run last week.  I loved watching The Noose… I thought the first weatherman of season 2, the "Tomorrow’s weather?  Hot… humid… what did you expect?  Snow ah?" guy was simply hilarious. 

     Anyway, I decided to create a new category in my blog titled – yep, you guessed it – The Noose!  Funny news stories I come across will be archived here.  🙂

     Was watching Channel 5’s 9pm news while blogging and this particular piece of news jumped out at me.  In order to prevent beggars from being exploited by criminal gangs (who make them beg and then rob them of their money), Bangkok is considering setting up a registry for beggars to register and obtain a licence to beg!  Wow.  James Bond has a licence to kill and Bangkok beggars have… a licence to beg?! 

     I know the intention is good – to try to prevent exploitation of beggars who are often physically or mentally handicapped but to create a registry for beggars?  Sounds a little lucridous doesn’t it?

     Oh and did anyone read the article in Sun’s Life! about how young Singaporeans view the current global recession?  There was this particular NUS undergrad… I forgot her name… but she said things like she doesn’t see what’s the big deal ‘cos every time she runs out of money, she just asks her parents for more?  This same rich brat also carries a S$2000 Louis Vuitton bag to school.  I think the most quote-worthy thing she said was how she doesn’t understand why some of her friends want to take on part-time jobs to get more pocket money.  She said, "Can’t they just ask their parents for more?". 

     Wah lau!  That girl must be a journalist’s dream come true.  I mean, how often do you get a spoilt rich bimbo shooting her mouth off?  And in case you’re wondering… her dad runs his own company… selling plastic bags or something.  That’s it man. I’m stepping up on my efforts to save the environment by cutting down on plastic bags.  Sheesh… I carry a plastic bag possibly made by her dad, and she carries a LV bag bought with my money.


    I succumbed.  Wasn’t going to buy any Majolica products as Booze Queen should be able to get a cheaper price when she visits Japan end of this year.  However, my beige eyeshadow happened to run out so I decided I might as well buy the Majolica beige eyeshadow from the Watsons at Ngee Ann City.

    While I was there however, I was lured by the very friendly and unobtrusive sales staff into trying the liquid eyeliner.  I quite liked the brown shimmery one… and ended up buying that, a brown eyeshadow and the beige eyeshadow!  Sigh.  I was a sucker…

    But I digress… I was tempted to buy the black Majolica liquid liner as well but I’ve never used a liquid liner before so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to control the brush tip (especially when I want to draw a line below my upper eyelashes).  So I stuck to the brown shimmery one which I figured I could use to draw a line above my upper lashes. 

    Very inspired by my new toys (seriously, makeup products are much cheaper toys than handphones and other tech gadgets!), I decided to do a simple smudge test.  I applied moisturiser on my hand, followed by foundation, and then I used 3 different eyeliners on it. 


Here’s a pic with the 3 liners being:

1) Majolica Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

2) Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black

3) MAC Powerpoint Pencil Engraved (black)




    Many reviews have said MAC Powerpoint Pencil Liners are supposed to be really smudge proof… but my oily eyelids have brought about their failure in this aspect.  Anyway, the results showed that:




1) The Majolica liquid liner became lighter after a hard rub but didn’t smudge.

2) The BB Gel Liner smudged

3) The MAC Powerpoint really smudged… but it smudged evenly so I suppose if the intention is to give it a blended effect, this product may be good?


    Heh.  Oh well… that’s the end of my simple ("scientific") test.  Will update soon… after I walk in the melting noon sun to go for lunch.  Now that, is the ultimate eyeliner smudge test.

Temporary Arrangement

Decided to use this blog theme for now… realised the problem is that in order for the photos (this concerns mainly all my old entries) to display correctly in this theme, I need to set the photos to be "in line" instead of being "left" or "right" of the text and obviously I have way too many entries to change the picture alignment setting one by one. 

In addition, each paragraph does not have a extra line separating the 2 blocks of text.  Sigh.  But I do like the colours and the ballet dancers in the header.  Any solutions anyone?  I guess I’ll use this for now… till I can’t take it anymore…