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sexy girl night repair oil essence      Gosh.  Booze Queen, Azure and I really raided Watsons (Ngee Ann City) on Monday.  How could I forget to mention 2 other fabulous products I bought.  The first is (please forgive it’s dubious name… it is from Japan after all) "Sexy Girl Night Repair Oil Essence".  To be applied to semi-dry or dry hair, this oil essence softens the hair and makes the ends smoother.  Tried it at Watons as well as last night (applied to semi-dry hair before blow drying).  It’s good!  Light (doesn’t feel as though you applied anything, which is something I hate about leave-in conditioners) and non-sticky, it left my hair really soft this morning.  Great buy!




     The next product is Natural Aqua Gel Cure.  This is a gel-like lotion to be applied on freshly washed (and dried) skin.  Booze Queen and Azure tested it at Watsons by applying it on the back of 1 hand only.  After rubbing the skin in a circular motion, teeny bits of dried skin clumps appeared.  Upon using tissue to wipe the lotion off, the hand was visibly whiter than the other!  Truly amazing.


     This is very similar to Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser but I’ve never tried Ginvera’s exfoliating cleanser on my hand so I can’t comment which is more effective.  Heh.


       Ok… that’s all the vainpot posts for now… time to shower.  🙂

4 Responses to “More Beauty Products!”

  1. 1 mag

    Do you think Sexy Girl (hahaha!) would be good for rebonded hair? The second product sounds intriguing. Is it similar to that oxygen mask thingy at Sasa?

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Sexy Girl – well, there’s a tester at Watsons… erm, I tried it before buying. 😛 But my hair’s not rebonded… and it looks v.dry if I don’t blow dry it… and I think the oil essence helps.

    As for Aqua Gel, it’s similar to Ginvera Marvel Gel with Green Tea Emollient & Exfoliating Gel.

    There didn’t seem to have a lot of debris when I used Aqua Gel on my face but boy was there when used on the neck! 🙂

  3. 3 mag

    Aiyo, you just reminded me to exfoliate my neck!!

  4. 4 uptowngal

    Hehe. I never did exfoliate my neck before… but I realised the fine lines on the neck became less visible after exfoliating!! So I’m definitely going to do that regularly now. 😛

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