Coach Raid

    My mom went on a 11-day US/Canada tour with 3 of my aunts.  The tour covered places like like New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, Toronto, Thousand Island (am I right to assume the salad dressing came from here?  I didn’t know there was a Thousand Island in Canada :P), Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Boston.  After the tour ended, the gang of 4 flew over to the West Coast to visit my cousin and his wife.

    I’ve been getting daily updates from my cousin since the gang of 4 arrived on Sunday.  He initially arranged Sunday to be a day of rest for them but once they reached his place, put down their stuff, they asked my cousin’s wife to take them shopping immediately.  My cousin was shocked.  He thought they would be tired after the very rushed 11-day tour but the gang of 4 was raring to go!  He said my mom told him that the 11-day tour was so rushed, they didn’t get to shop at all.  So his conclusion was once they reached the West Coast, they felt really cash rich and couldn’t wait to hit the stores. 

    Mon and Tue were also spent shopping… and after every trip, the car boot would be filled with shopping bags.  Wow.  I have no idea what they bought, but I do know the folks at Coach are going to have a big bonus this year.  Between the 4 of them, they bought 15 Coach bags.  In my cousin’s own words, my mom was the "fiercest".  She bought 7 Coach bags.  My cousin was tickled when my mom defended her purchases saying, "But 2 of the bags are for my friends!".  My 5th and 6th aunts bought 2 bags each, and my 8th aunt bought 4.  Another cousin who didn’t go with them also put in a request for 5 Coach bags.  The cousin based in the US bought them… but none of the gang of 4 dare to carry the bags back now because if they’re worried they will incur GST at the Singapore customs.

    Today marks the last day of shopping at Monterey as the gang of 4, together with my cousin’s wife, will be going on a driving tour of Las Vegas and San Francisco.  Heh.  I told my cousin that the gang of 4’s stamina for shopping is astonishing.  He agrees.  His wife has been like a sheepdog the past 2.5 days, herding the gang of 4 out of malls, etc.  He said he’ll be getting real time intelligence from his wife over the next few days and will update me accordingly.  Heh.

    Damn.  I should’ve bought Coach shares yesterday.  Went up by USD3.29.  I bet you investor confidence was bolstered by the gang of 4!

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