The Importance of Formatting

    The format of this new WordPress theme has been bothering me.  It bugs me that there’s no clear distinction between paragraphs, which (in my opinion) makes the entire text difficult to read.  This particular format also caused my previous posts containing photographs to become warped… and while the problem can be rectified by putting the captions of the photos below the photos instead of next to the photos, there’re just too many posts for me to rectify!  (I think I have about 1016 posts in total… and about a third of them would contain photos).  Even my OCD nature isn’t enough to edit the hundreds of posts with photos in them.

     But while I can’t solve the photo-layout problem, I did find a solution to the first issue.  Was reading the papers just now and I realised that there’s also no spacing between paragraphs in the newspaper. However, the start of each paragraph is denoted by the tab spacing.  So I decided to try that for my more recent posts – justify the paragraphs and put a tab at the start of each.  I think it works.  While it isn’t as distinct as having a line spacing in between, the tab at the start of each paragraph does help.  So that’s how it’s going to be while I’m using this ballerina theme.  As for the older posts with photos?  I apologise that the captions are hard to read… but oh well.  Will just have to live with it.

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