Online Radio Stations

I’ve always liked the Cantonese dialect though I don’t speak it very well.  While in NTU, I used to listen to FM 95.4, a Malaysian radio station which plays a mix of Mandarin and Cantonese songs.  I also found 1 or 2 online sites that broadcasted RTHK (HK public  radio stations) live.  Unfortunately, these sites had  lot of lag and the buffering was bad.

Almost 10 years on, my spoken Cantonese is still as bad but my love of Cantonese songs is still there.  Inspired by some retro Cantonese music on FM 95.4, I decided to do another online search for Cantonese radio stations.  Found this terrific website, Radiotime, which broadcasts live music from radio stations around the globe – free!  Is that great or what!  I’ve bookmarked the site.  So if you want to listen to a radio station in another country, do check that site out!  🙂


Ok, did a bit more research on available sites: (a very comprehensive list of HK stations) (online radio with Cantonese songs & the occasional Mandarin song… great site ‘cos HK radio stations tend to have too much talk shows and not enough music) (list of HK public stations)

Products I Like

Came to realise last week that I’m quite a fan of Scholl products. 


 Founds these in my office drawer!  Hehe

I have really bony ankles which results in the back of my shoe slipping from my foot when I wear covered shoes.  Scholl’s heel shields have worked wonderfully for me as they allow the shoes to grip the back of my ankles better.  What’s even better is that they’re reusable!!  Just wash in soapy water, rinse, and let them dry out before sticking them onto another pair of shoes.  Fantastic!

Scholl’s gel cushions have also saved my feet from many high heel shoes with thin inner soles as they provide wonderful cushion support.  Definitely eases the pressure on the balls of the feet and helps prevent calluses from forming.

The latest Scholl product that I’ve come to love is the gel blister plaster.  It’s a little on the expensive side – $9+ for 3 big plasters and 2 small ones.  Wore a pair of new shoes last week and the skin at the back of my ankles got red and sore.  No surprise what came to my rescue.  😛


 Photo taken without flash


 Photo taken with flash (more accurate colour)

As mentioned previously, I was dying to try out the Incoco dry nail polish.  Bought them 2 weeks back but didn’t get to try them till Fri night.  I love the fact that the colour’s perfectly even on the nail – which is difficult to achieve with the usual nail polish.  (Ok, maybe it’s just me – I admit my colouring / painting sucks).  Struggled a bit to stick the colours on initially… which resulted in a tiny tiny bubble on some fingers on my left hand (but they’re not visible unless you take a really close look).  Realised later on that the trick to avoid getting air bubbles trapped is to stretch the sticker a little as you stick it on the nail.

I think I quite like the look… so chances are, I’ll be getting a couple more packs.  😛

Changi Boardwalk

Iceman and I went on another excursion yesterday to scout for locations for our wedding photoshoot.  I first came across Changi Boardwalk in Geman’s facebook photos and it looked quite nice so we went to check it out.  Here’re some photos from yesterday…


  Our starting point.



I like how the wooden panels on the floor are not too new?  While the boardwalks at Henderson Wave are also wooden, they’re just too new… missing the rustic feel that I like.



  A peep of what lies ahead.



  Lots of people fishing.



  I think I would really like this place as a photoshoot venue.



If you look at the beach, you can see that the tide rises till just below Changi Beach Club.  Wonder if it’s an effect of global warming… or were the architects/engineers risk takers when they built the club…



  Poor little kite in the ominous looking sky…



Don’t ask me why I asked Iceman to take a photo of this tree.. it just looked a little forlorn… roots exposed in the red soil and all…



I hope this tyre survives till our photoshoot… though it’ll mean climbing over some uneven ground to get to it.  Saw a couple taking wedding photos at the beach yesterday… the bride was in heels.  Ended up removing her shoes ‘cos you obviously can’t walk on sand in stilettos.  Didn’t it occur to her to bring slippers or track shoes or something??  How silly.  *Shakes head*.



Same pavilion as above but different angle.



Same little kite.



I think what sets Changi Boardwalk apart from other "beach front" places is that there’s some colonial architecture left over from years past.  Like these railings… I love it.



Another nice spot for photoshoot.



Isn’t that bench cool!



Not many people sailing yesterday…



Quite unusual to see such rocks on Singapore beaches.



Someone with short arms drowning in high tide.



I didn’t know before yesterday that there are homes along the beach



And instead of looking out for cars, you have to look out for boats launching.



The skies were a little cloudy for photos yesterday… so everything looks grey and gloomy.. but I’m glad ‘cos I don’t want more freckles on my face!!

Yay!  Now we have 2 places to go for our wedding photoshoot.  🙂