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Came to realise last week that I’m quite a fan of Scholl products. 


 Founds these in my office drawer!  Hehe

I have really bony ankles which results in the back of my shoe slipping from my foot when I wear covered shoes.  Scholl’s heel shields have worked wonderfully for me as they allow the shoes to grip the back of my ankles better.  What’s even better is that they’re reusable!!  Just wash in soapy water, rinse, and let them dry out before sticking them onto another pair of shoes.  Fantastic!

Scholl’s gel cushions have also saved my feet from many high heel shoes with thin inner soles as they provide wonderful cushion support.  Definitely eases the pressure on the balls of the feet and helps prevent calluses from forming.

The latest Scholl product that I’ve come to love is the gel blister plaster.  It’s a little on the expensive side – $9+ for 3 big plasters and 2 small ones.  Wore a pair of new shoes last week and the skin at the back of my ankles got red and sore.  No surprise what came to my rescue.  😛


 Photo taken without flash


 Photo taken with flash (more accurate colour)

As mentioned previously, I was dying to try out the Incoco dry nail polish.  Bought them 2 weeks back but didn’t get to try them till Fri night.  I love the fact that the colour’s perfectly even on the nail – which is difficult to achieve with the usual nail polish.  (Ok, maybe it’s just me – I admit my colouring / painting sucks).  Struggled a bit to stick the colours on initially… which resulted in a tiny tiny bubble on some fingers on my left hand (but they’re not visible unless you take a really close look).  Realised later on that the trick to avoid getting air bubbles trapped is to stretch the sticker a little as you stick it on the nail.

I think I quite like the look… so chances are, I’ll be getting a couple more packs.  😛

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