Eve of Photoshoot

Did my nails today at Booze Queen’s usual manicure place, Fave Nails.  Am pretty satisfied with them.  Did nail art for fingers and a traditional French pedicure for my feet.

270420091093 270420091082

Also went to French Bridal to do the final fitting for my evening gown.  Do you think I should get more beading / lace sewn on it?

270420091087 270420091090

Oops… just realised the photos are a little blur.  My hands were trembling when I was taking the photos.  Paiseh.

And my happiest haul of the day was to find this gown for the photoshoot!  This will replace the gold cheongsam and the navy blue tube. Heh.  The green’s brighter in real life and I’m happy that it doesn’t have a “pong pong” skirt” and it’s a nice light mint green.  😀


Sigh… if only I could get someone to tag long to help take photos.  *Sniff*.

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