New WordPress Client for Symbian

i’ve been using Wordmobi to post to my blog for a few months now and the software’s pretty stable. the down side to it is that the interface is very simplistic and perhaps not as user friendly for people who do not understand html codes cos u need some knowledge of that in order to edit links and pictures posted.

i’m thus glad to share that there’s now another WordPress client available for Nokia phones! written with QT, the interface of the Nokia WordPress Client is very similar to the web version. not sure about how stable it is – typing my 1st post with it now – but it certainly looks promising. check it out / download it from

the 1 drawback i’ve noticed so far.. if u’re wondering i’m typing mainly in small caps, that’s cos the start of sentences are not capitalised by default and i’m too lazy to press an extra button each time i want to change the caps.

Creeps de Missions

I read with disgust the report in the papers of how our Youth Olympic Games volunteers, i.e. our Culture and Education Champions were hit on, molested (yes, i consider constant “accidental” bumping of thighs and roaming hands molest) and propositioned by foreign Chefs de Missions when they visited Singapore for a 4-day seminar last week. Although it seems that this is a common occurrence at international sporting events – at least more common than what some of us may realise, surely there should be some official avenue for those taken advantaged of to raise formal complaints?

It seems that some of these young girls grinned and tried to get away as gently as they could. I don’t see why. Why do we shy away from shaming and embarrassing these jerks? Just because this is a common occurrence doesn’t mean we have to condone it. Perhaps it’s precisely cos so many organisers have condoned such behaviour that it has now become commonplace.

I hope these girls learn that they do not have to feel bad about embarrassing such assholes. Being hospitable does not encompass being made to feel cheap and undignified. A welcome dinner should be pleasant for all. If any Chef de Missions ruins your evening, you’re not at fault for ruining his too.

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