Dance Notes

Private with Chuck on 24 Oct 2013

1) Foot Position

  • Don’t open feet outwards so much. Small V.

2) Sugar Push

  • Count 3 – should feel like a “check”. Weight should push into the floor. Do not pitch forward. Breathe in to expand frame.
  • Count 4 – push/ glide back, marginally diagonally right. Make sure to post on 4.
  • So not rush the 5 & 6.
  • Hold the 5-and. Make sure nose over toes. The “and” should be at the base of right heel.
  • Step 6 slowly. Make sure not to land on heel till last moment.
  • The 5 & 6 should feel like walking backwards. Don’t think too much.
  • If there’s a need to adjust distance on the ”and”, make sure to collect right foot b4 moving forward for 1.

3) Underarm & Left-side Pass

  • Do not bend knees / plie on count 3-and.
  • Step right foot slightly out on 4 so left foot doesn’t detour around right foot.
  • Make sure to post on 4.

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