Chewbacca has Left the Country

As i write this, our dear friend Chewbacca has skipped town. Ok, he didn’t exactly skip town. Chewbacca has gone on a 6 month mission trip to the USA. He is serving with the Continential Singers as an Assistant Director on the tour.

It is always sad when friends leave the group ‘cos you get so used to them being around. It is also always sad when some friends return from overseas but the friendship isn’t quite the same as before. But i suppose as long as they’re happy and they remain close to God, that is really quite enough for me to know.

Maybe that’s why i like to read my frens’ blogs. I don’t always make a comment, but i do like seeing what’s happening in their lives – basically just to know that they’re coping well. Most importantly, i know i will never pass up the chance just to say a simple “hi” to any friend i might bump into anyplace, anywhere.

Went to bed about 6:10am.. and dragged myself out of bed at 7:28am – and that was after 2 wake up sms-es, 1 wake up call, 2 handphone alarms, and 1 alarm clock. Felt too bloated after breakfast to go back to bed when i got home about 9:15am. So i surfed around till now… i think it’s time to go back to bed. Darn… it’s 11:49am already?? That’s half the day gone. Argh.. and i do want to watch more episodes of Golden Faith! 🙁

I don’t want to work 6 day weeks!

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